Has Former Siaya Governor Aspirant William Oduol Assaulted His Wife This Much? (Photo)

April 10, 2013
When ODM was holding its nominations, Raila’s brother Oburu Odinga was reportedly defeated by newcomer William Oduol, but somehow, the latter was denied the certificate. It was even said that he won by a landslide, and that Raila was imposing on the people of Siaya his now rejected brother. Both Oburu and Oduol were however overlooked and the certificate given to number 3.

Oduol received a lot of national coverage, and he was often used as a symbol of ODM’s shambolic nomination exercise. One of his biggest supporter then, was vocal blogger Robert Alai. Not anymore.
Yesterday, the blogger posted an article in one of his blogs claiming that Oduol is assaulting his wife Nancy. He even posted pictures to prove this. 

Alai wrote that Nancy has gone through a lot of hell and it seems she cannot get justice anywhere, because Oduol is rich enough to bribe everyone. He added that Oduol has been in and out of courts since 2001 with domestic violence cases, but still remains a licensed gun holder.
Alai however pointed out that the two are currently separated. 

Soon after Alai’s article went viral, Oduol responded on Facebook, saying that the photos were just some campaign propaganda tool started by Jakayo Midiwo. This was his post on Facebook.

To all my supporters,

I would like to inform you all that the pictures doing the rounds are not those of my wife and that some idiot is again trying to besmirch my character. The same photos were released in January during campaigns by Jakoyo Midiwo and his ilk. I am aware that the court petition I submitted on monday might have upset some folks. They must be informed that I have a thick skin and this is not going to break me down. Those that are very close to me know who my wife is and can confirm that the photo being circulated is not that of her.

When I get home this evening, I shall try and take a shot with my wife together with one of my daughters who is home for holidays. Please give this posting the contempt card it deserves.

Oduol then put up another post, this time with a photo of himself and the wife during the campaigns. He wrote,

This is my wife during ODM primaries in January. Does she look like that photo being sent all over the place? Please ignore propagandist and let us focus on substantive issues.

Alai was not done yet. Following Oduols response, the blogger updated his article, saying that the lady he in the photo is not Oduol’s wife, but girlfriend, since he was still legally married to the woman he has been assaulting. 

YES.  This is Oduol’s current girlfriend (not wife) called Christine. That is because he is not officially divorced from Nancy who he is embroiled with in a vicious court battle.

Oduol promised to take a picture with his family while Alai promised more details. Neither of these has come to pass, and so the jury on who’s telling the truth will still remain out.
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