K24 Re-brands With Everything Citizen

March 18, 2013

Yesterday saw the second re branding of K24 in less than 1 year. When the station re-branded mid last year, they only changed their colours, logo and revamped their news studio. This time round, they have changed their colours, logo, unfortunately retained the studio, but fortunately brought in new faces.

Immediate former K24 logo

However, like all other re-brands before it, in all other stations in Kenya, K24’s re-brand lacked something crucial, especially when it comes to news. Camera quality. 

Poor Camera Quality

To many keen eyes, it does not matter who’s reading news, but how he/she is brought out. The poor state of Kenyan TV station cameras was recently highlighted during the live presidential debate and the announcement of the presidential election results. Aljazeera, which was given a live feed from Brookhouse International School during the debate, just came short of apologizing to its viewers for the poor video quality. BBC was also a victim when they decided to use KTN’s feed when Isaack Hassan was announcing the final presidential results.
A good TV camera (not necessarily HD) goes for between Sh 500,000 and Sh 1 million. Unfortunately, this is the amount some stations are willing to spend for the whole studio.

Back to the K24 re-branding; whether by design or by chance, the station chose to take colours quite close to Citizen TV’s. But if you thought that’s the only thing they took from SK Macharia, look at the reporters they’ve lined up.

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Citizen TV Colours on K24 Evening Edition

Citizen TV colours on K24 Evening Edition
Former Citizen TV anchors: Belinda Obura (Left), Tom Mboya (Right)

The station must have declared total war on Citizen, because not only have they poached their reporters, colours and studio layout, they have even taken the name ‘Afrosinema’, but due to obvious reasons replaced the ‘Afro’ with ‘Naija’. 
You can watch ‘Naijasinema’ every weekday from 2PM. Wait, is that the same time as Citizen?

Then you thought they would stop there. When the station failed to secure the services of Julie Gichuru, they thought, ‘hey, we can’t have her, but we can have something hers’. And then they bought Maisha, a local drama produced by Julie Gichuru.

But it would look so obvious had they settled for ‘A vision of you’, so they retained and slightly modified ‘All Kenyan, All The Time’, to simply ‘All The Time’.
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