Hilarious Jokes About CORD’s 900 Page Affidavit

March 26, 2013

Some of the best selling novels by the most recognized writers are about 700 pages. Then, CORD comes up with a 900 page document.

True that some people read those novels in a day or two, but 5 days would be a fair amount of time. 
The judges were expected to read the 900 pages in less than a week then write a looooong judgement within the same period. Plus they are expected to be holed up at Supreme Court the whole day every day.

It may be possible, only that the 900 pages of CORD’s document, unlike Robert Ludlum’s ‘Scarlatti Inheritance’ is way more boring.
Also, unlike the fictional books, the judges were expected to fully understand and possibly even quote sections of the document in the ruling. 
I don’t know if that’s possible but I know I can’t in 5 days. But hey, maybe that’s why am not seated in that bench.

Here are some jokes about the heavy document by the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy. 

Jimnah Mbaru’s 40 page CV rejected by voters. 900 page CORD’s affidavit rejected by Supreme Court..Guys, can’t u get it? Kenyans hate to read

CORD was able to put together a 900-page petition in 2 weeks. Their entire manifesto was 24 pages, from cover to cover

Court directs that the CORD 900 Page affidavit be used as toilet paper to supplement the normal toilet paper used by the court

Cord’s 900 pages affidavit rejected by the court, Dida 1 page manifesto lands him no.5

Ati Names dont hurt.. what if i write a name on CORD’s 900 pages affidavit and bash ur head with it.

Let me analogously compare this… not on partisan basis but a thought… CORD’s 900 page Affidavit being discarded is like writing a 5 page letter to gal and she responds with “K”.

900 pages wasted just like that? CORD please, those are two trees. Wangari Maathai didn’t get a Nobel peace price for that

Whoever wrote that #900 affidavit ako kwa hosi na spinal #CORD injury.

Cord were trying a tharaka nithi huh? 900 pages?

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