Why Esther Passaris Is Not Answering Your Calls

February 13, 2013

Kenya National Congress candidate for the Nairobi Women representative seat, Esther Passaris has taken time to explain why she is not picking calls. On her Facebook page, Passaris pleads with her supporters to text any queries to her instead of calling her. She says she reads all messages but may not be able to answer all calls. 
Here’s her post.

As a candidate presenting myself for leadership, I get so many angry texts asking why am I not available on phone. The mere fact that you have my number shows I am accessible. Right now my phone time is limited and stretched. I feel like an elastic and that can stretch no more in terms of time. I have 16 hours to reach all constituents registered to vote in all 17 constituencies. I am on the campaign trail. I do not carry my phone. When I go through my many missed calls and messages I try to respond to as many as I can. Please bear with me. Text as I read every thing. Lets win this race together. I cannot do it alone. Nairobi is ours. What happens in Nairobi impacts our entire country. I promise to empower our masses, by bridging the gap between the haves and have nots. I promise to improve and strengthen our social services by addressing corruption, sexual offences, drug and alcohol addiction, orphans, water and waste management, job creation, markets and trading centers, housing…the list is long but if we GET INVOLVED its possible to bring change that’s impacts all of us positively. Peace. Love. Unity.

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