Sonko Replaces His Hummers With 2 Micro Cars (Photos)

February 5, 2013
TNA’s Senator aspirant Mike Sonko has dropped his Hummer swag and decided to go to Germany for an automobile.. And no, he has not gotten himself another car of a similar size and build. In fact, he has acquired the exact opposite of that, a micro-car; 2 in this case. 

Their make is Smart, made by Daimler, the owners of Mercedes Benz, Nissan and Renault. Certain models of Smart are either pure electric or hybrid. We could not establish whether Sonko’s new rides are using fuel or not. 
Importing this rare car was not enough for Sonko, who went ahead and replaced the government number plates (on one of them) with custom ones with the word SENATOR 1 inscribed on them.
The cost of the car is anywhere between Sh 1 and 2 million. 

Below are the pics.


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