Kenya Presidential Candidates’ Websites Compared

February 27, 2013

In November last year, we did a story where we analyzed the websites of some of the then presidential candidates. We looked at websites belonging to Martha Karua, Raila Odinga, Kalonzo Musyoka, William Ruto, Uhuru Kenyatta and Raphael Tuju. 

Then, Jubilee running mate William Ruto did not have a functional campaign website, and unfortunately still doesn’t. His website only had a landing page with a countdown to its launch. As of this writing, the site is not accessible. 
This was it’s look then.

Kalonzo Musyoka’s website, just displayed a wiper logo a few months ago. Now, the site is up and running and quite attractive. It is filled with CORD messages and pictures.

Things have however changed and both Kalonzo and Ruto are no longer presidential candidates. 

The candidates whose sites we could locate are Raila, Uhuru, Mudavadi, Karua and PK. 
In the November article, Peter Kenneth’s website emerged top, followed closely by Uhuru Kenyatta, Raila Odinga and Martha Karua in that order. 

This is the final list of the winners.

#5. Musalia Mudavadi  (

The site is quite dull, with very little AMANI coalition colours. It in fact doesn’t look like a presidential campaign website. The website has sadly remained the same for more than 5 months, unlike other leading presidential candidates’. 
Social media integration is nothing out of this world. 

The biggest minus for this site is it’s landing page.

#4. Martha Karua (

Last year, we ranked her website 4th and that’s what we give it now. 
The site is average looking and almost cluttered. It has incorporated social media well and also included the all important Donate button. 

#3. Peter Kenneth (

I don’t know where the rain started beating the designers of Tunawesmake’s website. Last time, we ranked it number 1 mostly because of it’s simple but robust design. Then, it was very user friendly and with a very attractive graphical user interface. 3 months down the line, is just a plain looking blog. 

The election countdown is still there, but it does not help much. 
Here is the old website compared with the current website.

The old website

The new website

#2. Raila Odinga (

Being a front runner in this election, Raila Odinga had to have a good looking website, and thankfully he does. The site is simply built, but surprisingly integrates all important aspects of any campaign; Manifesto, Donate Now and social media. However, the donate now section is still under construction, 4 days to the elections. 

#1. Uhuru Kenyatta (

Last time, Uhuru Kenyatta’s website was position 2, but this time it dethrones Peter Kenneth’s to take the top slot.
We just hope the designers were paid well because they surely did a marvelous job. 
The site’s homepage is a simple banner of Uhuru Kenyatta with a floating bar of the various sections. 
The magic however happens when you click on any of the buttons. 
For instance, clicking on the manifesto button will take you to a section where you can read the entire Jubilee manifesto just as you would read the hard copy, ie. flipping it. 

The entire site is made to be one endless scrolling page, ie, you only load it once and scroll to the section you wish. Some of it’s features are better seen than said. without is without a doubt the best presidential campaign website.


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