Mariga Can Now Get His ‘MARIGA 17’ Number Plate Upon Paying Sh 100,000

August 16, 2012

It is now Legal To Have Customized Number Plates

mariga number plate
Image by Business Daily
It is finally a sigh of relief for McDonald Mariga and other Kenyans interested in customizing their number plates. The ministry of transport has lifted the ban on customized number plates giving persons interested, the freedom they have been lacking. 
Transport minister Amos Kimunya signed the gazette notice on Friday legalizing the act. For only Sh 100,000 anyone can customize his / her number plates. “A person may apply to the Registrar of Motor Vehicles to be issued with personalised number plates upon payment of the fees prescribed in the First schedule,”read part of the notice.
In March this year, police launched a massive crackdown on vehicles containing customized number plates. Among the culprits was Kenyan international, McDonald Mariga whose number plate read ‘ MARIGA 17’. The actions of the police caused uproar among those who had their’s customized, as they claimed to have paid a lot of money for the same. 
The latest move will definitely see an increase in such number plates, especially because we are headed into an election period. Youthful politicians such as Sonko will be some of the biggest gainers.
Kenya was lagging behind the rest of the East African countries, which have legislation allowing customized plates. In Tanzania, you can customize yours upon paying approximately Sh 200,000. Uganda is no different and at the moment probably consists of the highest number of customized number plates. It is rare to see a Ugandan celebrity in a car containing the ordinary UA… numbers. 

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