New ATM Theft Technique Gets To Kenya.. (MUST READ)

May 29, 2012

The following is pictorial evidence as to how thieves are draining money from your account without shedding any blood and surprisingly with your cooperation. Please read through the article and spread the word.

Image sourced from Fina Bank
What he is doing is placing a trap in the ATM machine to “capture” the next user’s card:
Altering the ATM’s is a risky business. Therefore, these individuals work in teams. The lookout warns of any possible eye witnesses or of the next potential victim:
Here we see the next client using the ATM, after the trap has been set. He inserts his card and begins his transaction.
The ATM card is confiscated, and the customer is confused, asking himself why the card has been confiscated.
Here we see the thief pretending to help. What he is really doing is trying to gain the customers’ PIN, now that he has captured his card.
The ‘good Samaritan’ convinces the customer that he can retrieve the card, if he presses his PIN. At the same time, the Samaritan presses “Cancel” and “Enter”.
After several attempts, the customer is convinced his card has been confiscated.
The customer and the “Samaritan” leave the ATM .
Satisfied the area is clear, the thief returns to recover the confiscated card from his trap. He not only has the card, he also has the PIN the customer provided unknowingly.
In possession of the card and the PIN, he leaves the ATM with money from the customers’ account.
The trap is made up of XRAY film, which is the preferred material used by thieves. Simply because of the black color which is similar in appearance to the slot on the card reader.
The trap is then inserted into the ATM slot. Care is taken not to insert the entire film into the slot. The ends are folded and contain glue strips for better adhesion to the inner and outer surface of the slots.
Once the ends are firmly glued and fixed to the slot, it is almost impossible to detect by unsuspecting customers.
1. Once your card has been confiscated, observe the ATM slot and the card reader
for any signs of tampering. Should you see the film tips glued to the slot, unglue,
pull the trap out and recover your card.
2. Report IMMEDIATELY to the Bank.
So, that’s how thieves have become creative and innovative in their trade. Please share, like and post in social media page to inform your friends.
This article appeared on on may 29th. 

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