Striking doctors (Photo- The Star)

Jubilee reportedly has 36 bloggers. I can’t quite put my fingers on where the name came from, but somehow it stuck. Never mind no one knows all their names.

Cord bloggers on the other hand do not have a fancy name to accompany them, but they are the most vocal. On every issue, every day, there’s a new hashtag telling us how ‘Kidero has cleaned Nairobi’, or about ‘Joho’s smear campaign’.

Sometimes you might encounter ‘Uhuru jails doctors’, or ‘Garissa Heckles Ruto’.

I don’t know if any money exchanges hands, but if it does, Cord bloggers, as opposed to Jubilee, earn their keep.

I have no problem with this kind of hustling for the youth, but what I dislike is people/bloggers who pretend to be intellectuals and neutral independent thinkers, who never point out when the government does good or when the opposition does bad.

If you are an influential Kenyan on Twitter, and someone looks at your timeline and it’s all about the nasty things the government has done, not a single mention of corruption in Nairobi or other Cord counties, or that time Baba came out guns blazing to offer his support for a corrupt governor, or that time a foreign businessman in Kisumu accused top ODM leaders of frustrating his business, come on… stop taking us for fools and announce yourself an opposition blogger already.

We will not hold it against you because from then on, we’ll understand that it is your job to put the government on its toes and play blind to the happenings on the other side.

Purpose of that intro was because of some screenshots doing rounds.

For instance on Monday, I couldn’t believe that Ben Carson commented about the doctors’ strike calling the Jubilee government ‘pathetic. Well, I’m sure he couldn’t believe it either because the last time he tweeted was on December 31st.

You see, Cord bloggers earning their keep.

Then yesterday Jubilee’s 36 bloggers, for once, earned their keep. They uncovered an old Facebook post by Kenya Medical, Practitioners and Dentist Union (KMPDU) Secretary General Ouma Oluga.

Ouma Oluga. Photo-The Star

Apparently, the guy is not very fond of Kikuyus.

Though it’s not a very nice thing to say in our current environment, he got his mathematics (probability) right. Sooner or later there will be a non-kikuyu president.

Honestly, I did not think much of the screenshot until Cord bloggers (and the ones pretending to be independent thinkers) came out and rubbished it as fake. The same ones who were silent on Ben Carson’s screenshot.

I’m not stupid. I know there are many apps to fake social media posts, and I actually dismissed it too as a fake. However, loyal Jubilee lieutenants Oliver Mathenge and Dennis Itumbi, were one step ahead of everyone.

They foresaw this outcome and acted.

Lol!!! The guy recorded the screen with a shaky phone, browsing through Ouma’s Facebook account, right on the exact post with many comments, just in case the post got deleted. There is no app for that.

Surely, one must be so deep in Cord’s a$* to still shout fake or photoshop.

With the Twitter supremacy war out of the way, I can touch a bit on the doctors’ strike.

Doctors know they are critical in a country, and they are using that unfairly in my view.

Most of the other issues in the CBA are bullshit. They put it in so they don’t look like the greedy fellows they are. From what we’ve heard, the doctors’ leaders rarely bring up these other issues during negotiations. The only talk is about money. If for example the government bows to their demands and gives them the 300% pay rise, but declines all the other issues, you can bet the strike will be off instantly.

Some of the issues in the doctors’ CBA

Picture yourself holding a knife to your boss’ neck, and ordering him to increase your salary threefold.  You know well that salary increments are never that huge, but you are the holder of the knife.

Our economy has not even grown threefold since the last review.

When teachers strike, students can always catch up with the syllabus a few months later. When casual workers strike, many services can wait. But when doctors go home, you can’t say you’ll be treated tomorrow, or next month.

And herein lies the knife. They’ve got the government and public by the balls, and are using that to force their way.

I’ve heard many times that MCAs are paid better than doctors. It’s not an ideal situation, but the MCAs did not vote themselves in. If the MPs are also increasing their salaries every week, it is the prerogative of both Uhuru and Raila (if they have Kenyan interest at hearts), to whip their respective party members of parliament to stop it.

And if I may add, Kenyans should not be fighting to increase salaries to unsustainable levels. If the biggest driving force is the example set by MPs, we should be fighting to bring their salaries down. In related news, I’ve heard that the voter registration period has been extended again.

On the brief jailing of doctors’ officials, I think Kenyans were played, plain and simple. Talk everywhere was how Jubilee has jailed doctors. Some even called it the lowest point in this government’s tenure. But who really jailed the doctors?

Jailed Doctors (Photos-Boniface Mwangi)

The suit was brought about by the Council of Governors, where unlike parliament, tyranny of numbers does not favour the ruling.

When Raila led an entire battalion of Cord politicians to court, to sympathize with the doctors… good political strategy but at the same time a bit hypocritical. Raila could have at any time picked up the phone and instructed his governors to drop the suit. I doubt anyone who wants an ODM nomination in a few months time would dare defy Baba.

But you don’t get to Raila’s level by not knowing when and how to play politics.

And then when everyone was up in arms against Jubilee for jailing doctors, condemning them and counting their days, I think we forgot to thank the same Jubilee for releasing them a few days later. Please… let’s understand the roles of each branch of government.

We all want doctors to be paid well. All I’m urging is they be reasonable with their demands and understand Kenya is a very poor country. World Bank, IMF and others have constantly warned us that our wage bill is too high, and here we are pushing it up again.

For f*** sake, the lowest paid doctor currently earns Sh140,000. You are already some of the best paid people in Kenya. On top of that, majority of you earn much more through private practice.

I’m not saying you are bad or anything, but we know most of you leave nurses and clinical officers to do the job during working hours, while you work in private hospitals or operate your own private clinics. Yet collect your government paycheck every month like clockwork.

If you do get your 300% pay increase, then the lecturers get the same, and teachers strike for a similar treatment, plus other public servants, what money do you think the government will build roads with? Or will you fly your cars?

If you continue holding a knife by the government’s throat, they’ll probably give you another unrealistic CBA, to be postponed for the next president and government.

The above article is the writer’s opinion and not this blog’s position.

  • Charles Wahome

    This article is baseless, completely unfactual and essentially prejudiced. Get your facts right! Read the CBA document. Read the KMPDU court rulings, then maybe you will begin to comprehend why things are the way they are once you set your clearly one-sided prejudiced opinions aside.

    • lastpoet

      Where else have you heard people demand a 300% pay increase?

      Why aren’t the doctors talking about absenteeism from public hospitals? Negligence? Theft of drugs? Bribes for referrals to India? Ordering excessive tests ? Requesting unncecessary caesareans, theft of babies…..?

      • Charles Wahome

        When politeness fails for 3 whole years, one has to demand.
        Trying to compare what you have listed above with grand mismanagement and corruption of the health docket makes no sense at all. For one, all those medics involved is such malpractices are very few when compared to the total number of medics who do a credible/wonderful job, and such perpetrators have been arrested and charged for their crimes! As opposed to the ‘bigwigs’ in the jubilee government who continue with their impunity.

        • lastpoet

          You cannot justify a wrong with a wrong. Yes the health sector has been mismanaged, under-appreciated and underfunded. And I know there are many medics who are doing a splendid job. The issues i’ve listed are not done by ‘a few’ medics but a good number. Why is it whenever raids are done on many private clinics, we find KEMSA branded drugs?

          • Charles Wahome

            Again, baseless and completely unfactual. One may even call you insane! If your claims were even half true, you would have the courage to cite specific examples and give links to research backing your moronic, prejudiced and ‘brown-enveloped’ opinions that most medics are thieves. This jubilee government clearly is all about thieves and anyone who vouches for them, and cannot admit that it it the government leaders who are stealing, and not the everyday hardworking mwanachi and medic, is clearly blind or compromised by afew shillings of stolen money he is receiving

          • lastpoet

            And therein lies the problems with Kenyans. You disagree with someone’s opinions, you label them insane. Wonder then why people hack each other for having a difference of opinion

            Short story. When I was 12, I had a bad case of eczema and my aunt took me to Coast General. The dear lady was a Lab Tech there and since she knew the medics, we were assured of quick service. We were told the doc was at his clinic at Tudor and he’d be there soon. 2 hours later, the guy strolls in, sees us, then attends to some of the most serious patients then strolled out. Chap was there for less than 2 hours!! Matron on duty told my aunt the guy had gone back to his clinic. ‘Kawaida yake’, she said with a smile. My aunt told me it was the same for almost all the medics there.

            15 yrs later, I was doing data modelling for a KEMRI project (Principally Kilifi). As fate would have it, my jurisdiction covered the same hospital. Turns out that doctor absenteeism has been an acute and chronic. So much so that even donors had complained to MoH about it. As usual, KMA n KMPDU kept silent.

            As for theft of drugs, no need for stories. It’s something that I also witnessed and was reported when I did my QA reports. Google ‘doctors steal drugs kenya’. I rest my case.

          • Charles Wahome

            I think it’s best if you shared your stories with your children or story books instead of sharing them here. What we are discussing here is the bigger picture, not 1 or 2 events that you may or may not have witnessed. I googled ‘doctors steal drugs kenya’, and all I found was completely uncomparable to ‘politicians loot kenya’!

          • lastpoet

            Well. You got the point. As of ystrday. GoK and the public now tired of your ‘saintly’ doctors.

            Tanzanians and Zambians are happy to work for the same pay. Your angelic kenyan doctors can go back to the slums where they do their abortions

            And you’re a grown man. Behave like 1. Insults and stalking is for kids

          • Charles Wahome

            The president was speaking on his own behalf, and on behalf of the greedy politicians. The public opinion is very different from his if you look at any recent reputable opinion poll. There is no way a president who goes to public hospitals (Tanzanian President) would accept such brain drain to Kenya for such meagre pay.. If you don’t believe me, just give yourself one month then look around for those imaginary Zambians/Tanzanians and tell me if you see one.
            Oh, and sorry if you felt insulted.. 😞 I was only speaking the truth. Plus I am happily married, I would never stalk a mediocre man.

          • Charles Wahome

            And btw.. Please read the CBA. It has all the information regarding discipline of staff who engage in such petty thefts (I call them petty as opposed to the grand theft by your leaders who you defend so blindly and foolishly). The problem when people don’t read is that they make more noise than empty debes

    • Ian Odongoh

      It’s really sad what has happened to this blog. This is the problem with the free Internet;when consumers of the information here don’t pay, the owners are forced to collect handouts from the givers of brown envelopes. Surely how can any sane Kenyan purport to sanitise the ministry of health and demonise doctors! When your Brown envelopes run low, I pray that you or your loved ones won’t have to access health care services in a public facility. That is when you will realise that it is not a matter of Cord and Jubilee, it is about the lives of ordinary Kenyans.

      • nairobiwire

        @ianodongoh:disqus Perhaps sooner or later you’ll realize it’s possible for one to disagree with your viewpoint without necessarily receiving handouts. And it’s sad when ever the only counter argument you have is ‘brown envelope’. Wish you provided actual points.

        • Ian Odongoh

          The fact that you are politicising, trivialising and tribalising something so important betrays your motivation. That is all.

  • Kivaya

    The Facebook screenshot and video is not convincing. I can create a fake account pre date post then video-shot it.Though in way the guy has valid points. Kenya is not a kikuyu land alone. It belongs to all of us.

    • nairobiwire

      A new, fake account with all those people commenting?
      A vast majority of Kikuyus do not benefit from Uhuru’s presidency. They are as poor as any other Kenyan. Any appointments are meant to serve that person and their family.

    • wa ikonya

      tell us which kikuyu said kenya is theirs alone. this is inconsequential.

  • wa ikonya

    right now, opposition to the government cares less on such issues as whether it it the council of governors, this or that. It doesnt matter what the reason for the jail term was, it doesnt matter. what matters to them is that Jubilee government jailed the doctors and they want to put it across in very livid terms.