Ruto and Raila Agree on 6-Day National Dialogue for Country’s Future

July 10, 2024

President William Ruto and ODM party leader Raila Odinga have announced a six-day multi-sectoral dialogue forum aimed at addressing pressing issues facing Kenyans.

Scheduled to commence on Monday, July 15, and conclude on Saturday, the forum seeks to facilitate national dialogue and propose lasting solutions for Kenya’s future.

Speaking at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) in Nairobi on Tuesday, Ruto informed journalists that the forum will bring together representatives from political parties, religious groups, civil society, employers, and youth.

“This forum will begin on Monday, next week and end on Saturday next week, it will be a 6-day forum and will propose the way forward for the country,” Ruto stated.

Regarding logistics, President Ruto mentioned that all participants are expected to cover their own attendance costs to ensure fiscal responsibility.

“In our efforts to maintain financial prudence, all participants will finance their own attendance costs following our morning consultations,” Ruto explained.

Raila Odinga echoed the sentiment, emphasizing that dialogue is crucial amidst the current national challenges. He highlighted the forum’s role in providing a platform for all stakeholders to voice their concerns and contribute to resolving issues affecting the country.

“We’ve agreed that a dialogue is the way forward out of the crisis we’re having in our country,” added Raila.

Raila underscored the forum’s significance, stating, “We will provide an opportunity for people to express themselves,” emphasizing its role in addressing issues such as unemployment, corruption, ethnic relations, national debt, and economic management.

“We will give people an opportunity to be heard,” Odinga said. There are many issues affecting Kenyans but all of them are solvable. Unemployment, corruption, ethnicity, debt and the management of the economy are issues we need to talk about,” added the former prime minister.

Ahead of the forum, stakeholders are required to submit their representatives by the end of this week.

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