Mentally ill 16 Year Old ‘Accidentally’ Kills 9 Year Old Niece in Siaya

March 7, 2024

Siaya County Police, led by Commander Cleti Kimaiyo, are investigating the circumstances surrounding a tragic incident in Nyandiwa village, Siaya County, where a 16-year-old girl is accused of the fatal spearing her 9-year-old niece

Joseph Otieno Aloo, the Assistant Chief of Nyandiwa Sub-location, was the first to report the matter to the Siaya Police Station, alerting authorities of the murder within the community.

Preliminary investigation revealed that the incident occurred when the children were playing within their homestead.

Following a misunderstanding, the suspect, reported to have a mental illness, retrieved a spear from her father’s house and threw it towards the children, tragically striking the nine-year-old in the head, resulting in immediate death.

Police swiftly responded to the scene, where they not only processed and documented the area but also apprehended the suspect.

According to Commander Kimaiyo, the investigation is ongoing, with the suspect cooperating with law enforcement officials. The murder weapon has been secured as evidence, while the young victim’s body has been transferred to Siaya County Referral Hospital.

The community of Nyandiwa village has been left in mourning and shock as this distressing incident unfolds, highlighting the unreported issue of mental health and safety in the region.

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