Kalonzo Designates Potential Cabinet Docket for Edwin Sifuna

February 19, 2024

Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka has expressed his belief that Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna could excel as the future Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary.

Kalonzo emphasized the importance of projecting a positive image for the country internationally and highlighted Sifuna’s communication skills as a strong suit. Speaking on Sunday in Nairobi, the former Vice president stated that if allowed to choose the next Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary, he would unquestionably select Sifuna.

Kalonzo drew a parallel between Sifuna’s communication skills and his own, as well as those of the late Robert Ouko. He highlighted that despite serving in various ministries previously, he is primarily remembered for his tenure in the Foreign Affairs docket.

“You know the country wants a good image outside, people have forgotten that I was the minister for Education, Environment, and Tourism but they remember that I was the minister for foreign affairs. Kenyans remember Robert Ouko.

“If the time comes and I am in a place where I can choose the Minister of Foreign Affairs that will be Edwin Sifuna. I’m not saying when. He is most qualified, he understands the law. He can make an excellent CS. This young man is a communicator and I thank God for him. Soon, whatever it is, this guy will want in this Nairobi, or Kenya give it to him because he is able,” Kalonzo said.

The 2027 Presidential aspirant also urged other leaders to emulate Sifuna in their communication style and timing.

“If there is a brave person in Kenya, this is your young senator. He is brave. He is a communicator. For leadership matters, my brothers, MPs and other leaders you also need to communicate as clearly as Sifuna does,” Kalonzo said.

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