“I was Difficult to Seduce,” says Women Rep Dr. Joyce Osogo

January 5, 2024

Homa Bay Woman rep Joyce Osogo opened up about her marriage to her husband, Jeremiah Obong’o, revealing that she was a difficult woman to seduce during her youth.

Dr. Osogo, also known as Bensouda, said she selected her husband after a comprehensive vetting process. Despite receiving advances from several men attempting to woo her, her discerning criteria and high standards led her to decline their requests in her search for a suitable husband.

“I was difficult to seduce and many men who came to me had to be asked difficult questions,” she said.

Bensouda was addressing the audience at Raila Odinga Stadium in Homa Bay town during the launch of the Homa Bay County Woman Rep Tournament First Edition 2024. She reminisced about the rigorous questioning she subjected several men to during her selection process.

Bensouda Declined Many Suitors

Dr. Osogo persistently declined suitors until she met Mr. Obong’o, with whom she eventually settled. She emphasized that her initial interactions with Obong’o revealed the qualities she sought in a husband.

“Based on my habit of being keen, I assessed and concluded that he had the best qualities of being my husband. Finally, I chose him and we are living well to date,” she said.

Mr Obongo on the other hand praised Dr. Osogo as both a commendable wife and leader. He mentioned that his primary focus is to support his wife in addressing the concerns of the people of Homa Bay through effective service delivery.

“I always advise Bensouda to serve the people of Homa Bay well. I believe she is going to achieve a lot in the implementation of her manifesto in servicing the people of this county,” Obong’o said.

Adding: “For one to succeed in what they are doing, they must be keen in organisation and management of events.”

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