DP Gachagua Shoots Down 2032 Election Talk, “I’m Focused on Assisting Ruto”

November 20, 2023

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua on Sunday rebuked a section of Kenya Kwanza leaders for prematurely discussing the 2032 General Elections.

DP Gachagua noted that some leaders have already been engaging in speculative talks about his purported presidential bid, nine years from now. He also rubbished any discussions about the 2027 Elections, saying such talk is futile and unproductive.

“I’ve heard that some of our leaders have lost their way, discussing the 2032 general elections. Those people are lost. We’ve only been in office for one year; discussing 2032, or even 2027, is a premature debate,” he said.

Speaking at a church service and fundraising event for Mt. Elgon Churches in Kopsiro, Bungoma County, Gachagua made it clear that he is not engaging in discussions about future elections.

Instead, the DP reiterated his commitment to assisting President William Ruto in revitalizing the country’s economy.

“I do not want to be included in such debates as I am occupied with assisting the President in reviving the economy. We have no time for useless and unproductive discussions about 2032. It’s unnecessary and a misadventure. How can anyone be certain they will be alive?” he posed.

Gachagua encouraged fellow leaders to prioritize the country’s economic transformation instead of getting involved in unnecessary debates about the distant future.

“I want to tell the leaders in Kenya Kwanza, let us focus on the economic transformation of this country. That is what is important right now. If some want to engage in those debates, please don’t drag us into that nonsense,” stated the Deputy President.

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