Labour PS Reveals Govt’s Strategies to Address Unemployment Crisis

October 2, 2023

The government is inking numerous labor agreements with more than nineteen countries, enabling thousands of Kenyans to secure job opportunities overseas, Geoffrey Kaituko, the Principal Secretary for Labour and Skills Development has said.

During a radio interview, Geoffrey Kaituko said that by increasing the number of citizens working abroad, Kenya could potentially alleviate the unemployment rate.

“We want qualified Kenyans who are unemployed to get employment in other parts of the country and if they come back after a period of time, they are absorbed in such a way that they can share skills acquired through training and mentorship,” said Kaituko.

The PS said Kenya plans to engage in labor negotiations with various countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, and Australia.

Individuals who prefer not to work abroad will be mandated to undergo a skill development program. This initiative aims to prepare them for their desired jobs by imparting necessary skills beyond those acquired in formal education.

Kaituko explained that the government plans to broaden both the duration and capacity of internship and apprenticeship programs. This expansion aims to include a larger number of Kenyan youths, facilitating skill development and enhancing opportunities for practical training.

Additionally, the Labour Principal Secretary emphasized that the government is in the process of reassessing current labor frameworks, particularly with nations like Saudi Arabia.

This effort aims to guarantee that Kenyans working abroad receive support and protection from both governments. As part of these reforms, mechanisms have been implemented to track Kenyans abroad in case they go missing.

In the event of someone being reported missing, both the government of the host country and the Kenyan government will collaborate to locate the individual and ensure their safe return if they are alive. If the person is found deceased, the two governments will work together to repatriate the body and hold any culprits accountable, as explained by Kaituko.

Furthermore, recruitment agents are required to undergo vetting by the Labour Committee, a measure introduced to weed out fraudsters exploiting job-seeking Kenyans.

To combat the high unemployment rate, which currently stands at 12.2%, the government is also implementing various amendments and strategies aimed at reducing joblessness in the country.

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