Man United Fan Swears Off Eggs for Life After Cheating Death Following Arsenal’s Victory

September 7, 2023

A 27-year-old devoted Manchester United fan in Eldoret, Uasin Gishu County has vowed to never eat eggs again after a close shave with death while while attempting a risky bet he had made with fellow fans before Sunday’s Premier League match between his beloved Red Devils and The Arsenal.

Thomas Kiptanui Kemboi, a local-based musician popularly known as Kapkeno Jazz, had said he would devour an entire crate of 30 boiled eggs should the mighty Gunners beat Man United. Arsenal did what they do best, thrashing the 11th-placed Premier League team 3-1 at the Emirates Stadium.

Kemboi said he was a man of his word and ordered a crate of boiled eggs. He proceeded to consume the eggs one after the other during a live session on his Facebook page.

He accompanied the eggs with salt and tomato sauce and would occasionally pause to sip water and interact with his fans in the comment section, assuring them that he was determined not to let them down.

“After they beat us 3-1, I did not want to fail my fans. So, it was just pressure from the fans so I ate the eggs. But on the count of 15, I started feeling too much heat in the body then I lost consciousness,” he narrated.

In the video, his friends, who had bet against him and won, could be heard bursting into laughter as they encouraged him to complete the challenge.

Kemboi regained consciousness in the hospital, where he was diagnosed with constipation.

“We thought that it was all part of the script. We were hopeful that he could consume all the eggs. We did not think that it was a serious matter and that he could end up admitted in hospital,” said Victor Kimutai, Kemboi’s videographer.

The musician said that before losing consciousness, he experienced symptoms like fever, profuse sweating, and noticeable swelling in his stomach.

“One minute I was energetic and ready to complete the challenge before me and the next moment, I was in hospital with an IV drip on my hand. I was diagnosed with constipation and was injected with three IV fluids. I am grateful that I am now doing well,” he said as quoted by the Standard.

Kapkeno Jazz acknowledged that he had learned a valuable lesson and would never encourage young people to participate in betting activities that could potentially endanger their lives.

“While I was lying in the hospital bed, hearing my friends recount what had transpired, I couldn’t help but blame myself. I felt that I deserved the pain I was going through,” he confessed.

“I was afraid that the same experience would have left me dead,” Kemboi narrated, pledging never to consume eggs again.

Research shows that excessive consumption of eggs can lead to elevated levels of bad cholesterol, potentially increasing the risk of cardiovascular disorders.

For generally healthy adults, consuming 1–2 eggs a day is considered safe, depending on the amount of cholesterol present in your diet.

However, if you already have high cholesterol or other factors that increase the risk of heart disease, it’s advisable to limit your egg intake to no more than 4–5 eggs per week.

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