Court Drops Pauline Njoroge’s Case and Returns Seized Gadgets

September 12, 2023

Political blogger, Pauline Njoroge, has confirmed that a Malindi Court has closed the State’s case against her.

On Monday, the political strategist allied with the Opposition Coalition, Azimio, said the prosecution had not brought charges against her and requested additional time to collect evidence.

She tweeted: “The Malindi Court has today closed my case after the prosecution once again failed to charge and asked for more time to gather evidence.”

Additionally, Pauline disclosed that the devices taken from her for evidentiary purposes have been returned.

Pauline, along with her friend Jane Nduta and a driver, was detained in Malindi in July during the Azimio-led anti-government protests when their vehicle was stopped on Jacaranda Road in Watamu.

Initially, Pauline and the two others were apprehended on suspicion of drug possession, but they were subsequently charged with hate speech.

Police reported they discovered four rolls of dry plant material believed to be narcotic drugs in the vehicle.

“A further search was conducted at their residence at Mawe Zuri resort house number Tatu which was occupied by Jane Mwangi, and a clear container containing ten (10) tablets suspected to be narcotic substances was recovered. In house number Nine, occupied by Pauline Njoki Njoroge, a clear container containing 50 (fifty) tablets suspected to be narcotic substances was also recovered,” police claimed.

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