Governor Sakaja Pledges to Rebuild Toi Market

June 12, 2023

Governor Johnson Sakaja has pledged his support in reconstructing an improved marketplace at Toi Market after a devastating fire on Saturday night caused significant damage to properties valued at millions of shillings.

During his visit to the market on Sunday evening, Governor Sakaja assured the traders that the County would provide assistance in rebuilding the market. Furthermore, he personally pledged to distribute iron sheets and food as a means of support to the affected individuals.

Sakaja made a commitment to reconstruct spacious and improved stores at the market, aiming to mitigate the spread of fire in case similar tragic incidents were to occur in the future.

“We have assessed the damage and we will help you rebuild. The county government is going to rebuild the market with more space for emergency vehicles to access the market in cases of emergency,” said the Nairobi county boss.

Sakaja also assured the traders that he would donate foodstuffs and other essential household items to over 2,500 individuals affected by the fire tragedy.

“These traders have been irking a living and able to feed their families by doing small businesses at Toi Market. In the meantime we have organised food and material support,” he said.

In addition, Governor Sakaja said the county government is actively working towards decentralizing fire services and increasing the number of fire engine trucks in the upcoming financial year. He assigned the Planning Department the responsibility of mapping out and surveying the informal settlements with the aim of establishing access routes in the event of similar fires occurring.

Sakaja also highlighted that an ongoing investigation into the fire disaster is being conducted.

“I want to assure you that my administration will investigate the incident to ascertain the cause and come up with long term solutions,” he said.

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