DP Gachagua Announces Plan To Save Lake Ol Bolossat

April 17, 2023

The government will establish a committee to lead in restoration efforts of Lake Ol Bolossat in Nyandarua County, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has said.

Speaking when he led the planting of 10,000 trees in Shamata Ward, the Deputy President said the committee will be coordinated by Cabinet Secretary for Environment Soipan Tuya.

“I have visited the lake and am so shocked. If we do not act, it will disappear. We have agreed with the Cabinet Secretary Soipan Tuya to convene a consultative meeting of all stakeholders on conservation and saving the lake,” he said.

The Deputy President said different proposals have been made. Such proposals will be subjected to discussions for a collective decision to save the lake, he added. Ongoing efforts by various stakeholders like community-based organisations and institutions will be consolidated for better results.

While encouraging Kenyans to plant more trees, he said that the livelihoods of the people around the lake have been disrupted due to the disappearing lake.

He commended the work being done by the leaders of the region in reclaiming the lake. He singled out Nyandarua Senator John Methu for organizing the event, which targets to plant at least 100, 000 trees by the end of the current rain season.

“I want to thank Senator Methu for inviting us to this tree planting exercise. As you are aware, President William Ruto has asked us to plant at least 15 billion trees by 2032. As we plant trees to save this lake, we are also contributing to the call of our President,” he said.

According to the Cabinet Secretary Tuya, the country can attain 15 billion trees if each Kenyan plants at least 30 seedlings per year until 2032.

This will be key in combating the negative effects of climate change and boost food security.

This lake, which was about 43 square kilometres has shrunk considerably, getting worse in the past several months as the country experienced the longest dry season in 40 years.

The lake was home to more than 300 bird species, hippopotamuses, various fish types, among others. The loss of biodiversity in the lake has led to diminished revenues from fishing, tourism and other economic activities.

Lake Ol BolosSat is also the source of River for Ewaso Nyiro, the third longest river in Kenya, starting from Nyandarua, cutting through Laikipia and Garissa counties towards Somalia.

CS Tuya said if the lake is not restored, the lives of the people downstream will be in danger too.


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