I Quit Crime To Be A Pastor After Seeing Vision of Jesus While Drunk

January 9, 2023

Pastor Patrick Maloba is a reformed criminal who now spreads the word of God at End Times Transformation Centre in Umoja, Nairobi.

He narrates how he ended up in crime before he dug himself out of a hole.

Who is Patrick Maloba?

I am a middle-aged man; I grew up in a polygamous family with 18 kids from my mother’s side who was (the second wife). I am currently a minister of the gospel and a pastor at End Times Transformation Centre, Umoja.

You were once a notorious drug addict and criminal; tell us how it all started and your experience with it.

While in secondary school at Buruburu High School form two hell broke loose in my life…At only 16 years due to peer pressure and being raised in a polygamous dysfunctional family, I got into drinking, drugs and bad company of crime.

My responsibility was to organise where my thugs will come to steal…I was an informer to our thugs on potential areas of looting.

I used to sleep the whole day and wake up at night…My only friend was darkness, prostitutes, watchmen and women selling illicit brews namely changaa, miti ni dawa or jet fuel.

How did this lifestyle affect you on a personal level?

It impacted my life negatively in various ways. More than 45 of my friends died prematurely due to HIV/Aids, drugs, being gunned down by law enforcers and suicide…I became hopeless and the only place I could run to was the toxic company, drugs, alcoholism and sometimes women…practically, life was a living hell for me.

How did you come out of this lifestyle?

I could not come out on my own…On June 5, 2022 while drunk from 10 am to 3 am, I saw a person like Jesus himself visiting me…We had a long conversation and from that morning, I woke up saved and delivered to this day… Since that day, I don’t drink, smoke or go out anymore like I used to. I believe that it’s only Jesus who saved me and it’s only Him who can save you permanently.

Wow.. wonderful, how are you helping those people who are in the situation you were before your transformation?

From the time I got transformed, God has been using me by His grace to transform my generation specifically prostitutes, drunkards, single parents, youths in lesbianism, drugs, homosexuality and devil worship. I preach against these vices in markets and walkways and in our neighbourhoods…. specifically Umoja area. I also equip those who come to my church including the youth with the right knowledge and life principles to help them overcome vices and encourage them to seek godly ways.

Your parting shot?

My closing remark is within God all things are possible LK1:37. There is no light at the end of the tunnel cause we are the light…We are the light into the tunnel.

Cowards die many times before their deaths… Don’t fear and take it day by day.

Source: Turning Point

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