What Marketing Trends Work in 2021

April 14, 2021

Digital marketing grows every year. 2020 was not an exception and actually the digital commerce and marketing space has grown rapidly. It happened due to pandemic and lockdowns. If you want to jump into the online marketing bandwagon, then you’ve come to the right place. We will tell you the latest marketing approaches and strategies to improve your presence online.


The content on this social network is images and videos. Users save pins (images and videos), find new ideas for home renovation, interior design, hairstyles, manicure, clothes.

If you add product photos to Pinterest and attach a link to your site, the social network will drive free traffic to your site.

Pinterest is indexed very well by Google, which is why searches with the word “photo” very often show links to Pinterest on the first page of the search results. This will allow you to receive traffic from the search engine without SEO promotion of the site.

Content marketing

High-quality content is capable of solving various business tasks: increasing awareness, loyalty, increasing traffic (audience), distinguishing the business from competitors, and eliminating the most frequent objections to your product in advance.

Use the types of content that interest your target audience. These can be photographs, videos, illustrations, diagrams, text content, audio content, etc. Let’s take an example – Twitch fully relies on content. Without streaming (content) it’s worth nothing. That’s why Twitch is a perfect example of how content can deliver a brand into another level. Also, Twitch marketing could be done in a right way if you focus more on streamers and their strengths. Start outreaching streamers one by one and ask for collaboration or direct promotion – it will lead to a successful campaign eventually. 


Personalized messages, ads, newsletters, websites are a marketing trend that should definitely be followed.

With personalized content, the user is more likely to be interested in your company’s product.

What can personalization be based on?

   * demographic data (gender, age, profession, income level, marital status);

   * significant changes in life (moving, traveling, buying an apartment, wedding, having a child);

   * living conditions (married / not married, have children / no children, pregnancy, living in a rented apartment, owning a business, have a pet / no pet, etc.);

   * user behavior on the site (in case he has already contacted the company’s site), based on past experience of interaction with the client.

Contextual and targeted advertising

Algorithms are getting smarter, personalization and accuracy, and paid promotion opportunities are growing.

In the future, a transformation of advertising formats is possible , as well as an increase in the cost of advertising.

PPC advertising is already overheated, so even complex markets are moving into targeting. For example, ground source pumps and modular building construction.

Have you ever had a targeting ad that didn’t work at all, or the result was, but very weak? If so, take note of a few tricks for the coming year to make your ad perform better:

   * creativity and originality are trending in advertisements, but try not to overdo it. Be friendly with each user even at the stage of increasing awareness. Become friends with your target audience and you will be happy;

   * naturalness and honesty with the audience: the livelier and more natural the banner and commercials are, the more likely it is to hook the user. People are tired of stereotyped phrases and implausible appeals: “Earn 300 thousand on maternity leave, devoting to work 3 hours a day.” Be open, honest and natural with your audience;

   * profile design. This applies to the profile header – it should interest, give the user clarity about what benefits he will receive in the blog, motivate the person to scroll through the feed and read at least a few posts. Also, the design of the feed, Highlights and text in posts should appeal to your target audience.

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