Trisha Khalid: Things To Know About ‘KOVU’ Actress ‘Ruby’

February 22, 2021

Trisha Khalid is a newbie Kenyan actor who made her debut on Swahili Telenovela Kovu as Ruby.

The Instagram influencer talked to about her initial reluctance to take up the role and more.


Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Likoni, Mombasa.

What can you say is the difference between Ruby Haze and Trisha Khalid? What separates the two?

Ruby is a spoilt brat, to begin with, and she has so much audacity and guts; things which as Khalid I lack. In the “Kovu” series, I get to see what Ruby does that I would never do; seducing a man, I can never do that. She will do anything in her power to get what she wants. She is a go-getter and I’m really not, and that is what separates us.

What was your reaction after Lulu and Rashid gave you the opportunity to play Ruby?

I first turned it down when Lulu Hassan called me, and I told her that I was not an actor; that they should give it to someone else. Good thing about Lulu is that she encouraged me and convinced me to try it out, and it was the best decision. So far so good.

Is “Kovu” your biggest show that you have been in?

A big, fat yes!

What attracted you to begin a career as an actor?

I think it was a calling because I never struggled to get an opportunity for it; it just happened. I saw an opportunity and I just grabbed it, despite being hesitant at first. After a few shoots, it all became clear that this is something I should have been doing.

Last year, there were reports that some people had created a number of online pages with your photos on the profile, and were conning unsuspecting men into sending them cash, did you report the matter to the police?

Yes, I did report it but, unfortunately, the cons’ phones are always off and they use the computer to post what they have about me. The police can’t track the number. And, yes, it is still going on! They are very clever and tell people that I’m not on some social media sites. I’m really tired and my request to my fans is that they do not be fooled, I do not request money online.

What is the weirdest request you have ever received on Instagram?

I got a DM (direct message) from someone in Nigeria who wanted me to go and do a show there. The reason I found it weird was that they asked me how much they should pay our local production or my contract so that I can quit. We work under contracts and you cannot just leave like that.

Why did you tell women to stop expecting men to do everything for them and that they should work and stop being lazy?

I believe in hard work. Hustle. Hustling is not only for men, it is for women too! There is pride knowing that the money you have was made by yourself and not that a man gave it to you.

In my opinion, I do not find it amusing if you are in a relationship and the only thing that you think about is that my man will provide for me. No, that is so wrong!

There are times that even your man will be broke. It is only human that if you want a healthy relationship, you have to chip in.

I wake up at 5am on Thursdays and Fridays, to go and open bales of second-hand clothes and choose the best, take photos and post them on social media. That is how I make my extra cash.

Besides that, I also have a salon. So, that is how I make my money. I find pride in making my own money. Women please try and make your own money so that no man will ever disrespect you.

Rashid once said that the show sets out to teach the audience about the culture, traditions and lifestyle of the coastal people, do you think in the last two years it has?

Yes, it has. At least according to social media reviews it has. People have invested so much in the series.

This being your first major role, how humbling was it for you to be nominated Best Lead Actress at Kalasha Awards 2020?

It was humbling to be nominated, this being the first-ever show that I have acted in. It was an honour to be nominated and all I can say is, team work won. Here is to many more.

What’s your most embarrassing childhood memory?

There was this day my mother whipped me for being naughty. As I was running away, I tripped on a charcoal jiko and burned my bum.

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