Four Top Tips for Better Flirting Online

December 10, 2020

Most of us can agree that flirting with somebody in-person is always going to be easier than trying to flirt online, where messages might be misunderstood and you can’t pick up on a person’s non-verbal communications such as facial expression and body language. But while flirting online might seem very different from traditional face-to-face flirting, the good news is that it’s not impossible to do it well. We’ve put together some top tips to help you be a success with flirting online.

Be Honest:

Online dating at is a great way to start communicating in Maine, US  – but not being honest when chatting and flirting with other users is often an instant turn-off. And, lying about yourself is going to really mess up your chance of success in any future in-person dates since your date will instantly know that you haven’t been telling the whole truth. Some of the biggest things that people lie about when online dating include their height, age, economic status, and hobbies, but these can be rumbled fairly quickly, so it’s really not worth it. 

Be Yourself:

Trying to be somebody else when you flirt & date online will probably not go very far. After all, you can only really be yourself, so ditch the cheesy pick-up lines and stop worrying about making a good impression on everybody. Remember that not every one of your matches is going to click with the way that you try and flirt with them and that’s OK. Be yourself, and you’ll attract the people who really like you for who you are. 

Generate Emotions:

When it comes to successful online flirting, it’s important to generate some emotions in the other person. Making somebody laugh is the best way to do this online as this will instantly create some attraction and your date will begin to associate speaking to you with positive and happy feelings. But, humor isn’t all you can use when flirting online. It’s also perfectly OK to get a little serious and share some of your feelings, goals, passions, and past life stories. After all, when you’re online, you often have to work a little harder to show your human side. 

Be Confident:

Finally, the most important key to successfully flirting when using online dating services is to be confident. Accept yourself for who you are and bear in mind that flirting online is not that different to flirting anywhere else. Be genuine and open-minded, and spend an equal amount of time listening (or reading) as you do talking. Keep your conversation realistic and emotionally positive, and don’t waste time comparing yourself to anybody else. Consider ways to generate more meaningful conversations, such as asking for advice, or asking somebody about themselves and the things that they get excited about in their lives. 

Whether you’re new to online dating or have been using these services for a while, flirting online can often seem a little awkward compared to flirting in-person. Keep these tips in mind to do it successfully and win those dates. 

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