Kivutha Kibwana: I’m Neither Uhuru’s Nor Ruto’s Project, I’m Wanjiku’s

July 15, 2020

Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana has reiterated that he is a serious contender for Kenya’s presidency and not a decoy candidate for either Uhuru Kenyatta or DP William Ruto.

Speaking in an interview at Musyi FM, Kibwana said his forthcoming candidacy in 2022 has been pushed by Kenyans since 1997.

“This push by Kenyans started in 1997 when we began amending the Constitution during late President Daniel Moi’s rule,” he said.

“Those who remember the events then, opposition leaders who include retired President Mwai Kibaki, Raila Odinga, Charity Ngilu, late Kijana Wamalwa, and others wanted me to be a compromise candidate because they could not agree between themselves and I rejected the call because I was not ready to get into politics then.”

He said another push to vie for the presidency re-emerged when he was the chairman of the National Convention Executive Council. He later joined politics and has since enjoyed a steady rise, serving as Makueni MP, an assistant minister, a minister before the Makueni governorship.

The 66-year-old said Kenyans have chosen him because of his impressive track record. He attributed his success as Makueni boss to the experience he gained when he served as the Minister for Environment, Lands and in the office of retired President Kibaki.

“Due to my achievements and what we have done in Makueni, Kenyans have raised their voice and have said I must be their President whether I like it or not and that is why I say I am Wanjiku’s project,” he said.

“But when you hear some say I am Ruto’s project and others are saying I am Uhuru’s project, know that they are afraid of my candidature, they know how strong I am,” Kibwana added.

The county boss said he will traverse the whole country to convince Kenyans to elect him.

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