Ruto Alleges Security Breach at Harambee Office as Echesa Claims “DP is my Friend”

February 20, 2020

Deputy President William Ruto now wants the Inspector General of Police to investigate an alleged security breach at his Harambee Annex office.

In a letter addressed to IG Hillary Mutyambai, Ruto wondered how former Sports CS Rashid Echesa and two strangers gained access to a waiting room on the second floor, where a Sh39 billion military arms deal was to be executed.

“This incident is a very serious breach of the security of the Deputy President and requires a thorough forensic investigation,” DP’s Chief of Staff Amb. Ken Osinde wrote.

“How did Echesa in the company of others including foreigners access the DP’s office? How many people accessed the waiting room and which security officers facilitated the same?” he posed.

Additionally, Ruto wants IG Hillary Mutyambai to establish the identity, immigration status, mission, and criminal records(if any) of the two foreigners who accompanied Echesa to Harambee Annex.

Ruto also wants a forensic investigation on Eco Advance Technologies and who their Kenyan representatives are.

“Foreign Affairs should facilitate information on these foreigners and the profile of the companies they purport to represent,” the DP’s letter reads.

He is also demanding that, “the foreigners should not be allowed to leave the country”.

The DP also wants to know: “What actions will be taken to avoid recurrence of the same breach?”

‘Ruto is My Friend’

Meanwhile, the mastermind of the fake arms deal, Mr Rashid Echesa, said he did not need an appointment to visit Harambee Annex as DP Ruto is his friend.

“I don’t need an appointment to see DP Ruto.. he is my friend.. let them table evidence in court,” Echesa told NTV on Tuesday night.

He also distanced himself from the fake arms contract. “I don’t know where this narrative of Sh40 billion is coming from.

“I have never signed a contract and if there is one that I signed then the law is very clear. I want to challenge the DCI to publish those signatures,” he asserted.

Echesa also noted that Kozlowski Stanley Bruno, the foreign investor in the alleged scam, was his friend of more than 6 years.

“Even his mother knows me ….my mother and father knows Stan.. he came here on a tourist visa.

“I don’t know whether he has been doing business around here. I knew he did not have a working permit,” he said.

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