Man and His Brother Arrested for Raping Four-year-old Daughter

May 16, 2019

A man and his brother are in police custody in Ahero, Kisumu County for allegedly defiling his four-year-old daughter.

According to reports, the minor was defiled and taken to Ahero sub-county hospital by her father who told medics she had been involved in a road accident.

Medics at the facility conducted tests which showed the girl was defiled. They also filled a Post Rape Care form and called the police.

Police arrested the girl’s 40-year-old father and the 28-year-old uncle but later released them, said Community health advocate Caren Omanga.

“Witnesses corroborated the girl’s testimony,” said Omanga.

Nyando OCPD Leonard Matete explained that the suspects were released due to lack of a complainant.

Police rearrested the suspects after the girl’s mother filed a complaint. Detectives also collected and took the suspects’ specimen sample for analysis at the government chemist in Kisumu.

Earlier we could not hold the suspects any longer but after an official complaint by the mother we have the suspects locked,” the OCPD said.

Matete said the minor was treated and discharged after samples were taken.

The police boss noted that rape incidents have increased in the lakeside region. He cited a case where a gang of three raped an 80-year-old woman in Rabuor two weeks ago.

The OCPD said investigations prove the gang operates between Nyando and Kisumu.

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