The Hottest Stories on the Internet Today (Monday July 2)

July 2, 2018

Here are the stories making headlines today.

Thailand cave search: Divers close in on missing soccer team

China and Australia have sent experts to help the rescue team searching for 12 boys and their soccer coach who have been missing in a Thai cave network for over a week.

‘Spider-Man’s’ first day on the job at Paris Fire Brigade

Mamoudou Gassama, the Malian migrant nicknamed “Spider-Man” after rescuing a child dangling from a balcony in May, had his first day at a new job at the Paris Fire Brigade on Sunday.

Anatomy of a 97,000% drug price hike: One family’s fight to save their son

They were fighting to save their son. And the cost of the “miracle drug” he needed kept rising.

Andy Murray withdraws from Wimbledon

Two-time champion Andy Murray has withdrawn from Wimbledon one day before the competition begins.

Which places will make UNESCO protected list?

Incredible natural beauty, amazing archaeological treasures, historic cityscape — what makes a (CNN) – destination worthy of UNESCO World Heritage status? Currently in session in Manama, Bahrain, UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee is debating which sites to add to its catalog.

Will Britain return Nigeria’s stolen treasures?

The Benin bronzes are universally recognized as a towering achievement in the history of art, they were stolen from Nigeria by Britain, but they could be heading home.

Gangster in helicopter prison break

A notorious gangster has escaped by helicopter from a prison in the Paris region, French authorities say. Redoine Faid escaped after three heavily armed accomplices landed the helicopter in the prison courtyard. Faid, 46, has been serving a 25-year sentence for a failed robbery during which a police officer was killed.

‘I choreographed This is America, and this is my story’

Meet 23-year-old Sherrie Silver, who masterminded the dance choreography on Childish Gambino’s This is America.

World Cup 2018: Kylian Mbappe emerges on world stage as Lionel Messi departs

When Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe embraced at the end of a breathless World Cup classic, it was a striking moment that seemed to confirm the passing of greatness from one player to the next. Everyone present at the electrified Kazan Arena on Saturday left the stadium knowing they had witnessed a special match, a knockout game for the ages.

Ten found hanged in Delhi house

Eleven members of the same family have been found dead in a house in India’s capital, Delhi – 10 of them hanging from the ceiling, police say. At least two of the dead were children. A 77-year-old woman was the only one found lying on the floor.

Girl thrown from bouncy castle dies

A child has died after being thrown from a bouncy castle that eyewitnesses say exploded on a Norfolk beach. The girl was thrown from the inflatable at Gorleston beach at about 11:00 BST and paramedics took her to James Paget Hospital, but she died of her injuries.

Canada tariffs on US goods take effect

Canada’s countermeasures against the Trump administration’s steel and aluminium levies have come into effect. On Sunday, the day the country celebrates its national holiday, Canada imposed a 25% tariff on assorted US metals products. Tariffs of 10% have also been imposed on over 250 other US goods like beer kegs, whiskey and orange juice.

NASA is searching for meteorites that splashed down into the Pacific Ocean. Here’s why.

On March 7, 2018, NASA planetary scientist Marc Fries watched on a weather radar as meteorites plunged into the Pacific Ocean. Four months later, on July 2, Fries and a group of marine researchers plan to pull these meteorites – chunks of primordial space rocks – out of the sea.

German student comes up with an amazing ‘mobile airbag’ for your phone

We’ve all been there: A minor fumble, and seconds later your $500 (or more!) smartphone crashes to the floor. A good case and a screen protector might protect you from the worst of the damage, but those things can only do so much. That’s where this inventive “mobile airbag” comes into play.

Drake’s ‘Scorpion’ destroyed major Apple Music and Spotify streaming records

It’s been a big week for Drake. First the artist confirmed on multiple tracks off his album Scorpion that he is indeed a father. Now, one day after the new album’s Friday launch, we’ve also learned that Scorpion broke a big streaming record: It earned the most streams on its very first day, on both Spotify and Apple Music.

Donald Trump isn’t even trying to lie convincingly anymore

We’re all tired of “Donald Trump tweeted more BS” stories, but the lie he dropped on Saturday is too much of a doozy to ignore. “I never pushed the Republicans in the House to vote for the Immigration Bill, either GOODLATTE 1 or 2, because it could never have gotten enough Democrats as long as there is the 60 vote threshold,” Trump tweeted on Saturday afternoon.

Microsoft leak hints that a rumored dual-screen Surface is pocket-sized

Just don’t call it a Windows Phone. Rumors of a dual-screen Surface have been kicking around for a little bit, but here’s a surprising new detail: It’s built for your pocket. That’s what it sounds like, anyway. The revelation comes from an internal document obtained by The Verge, though Microsoft hasn’t confirmed it.

Bananas CCTV video concludes with woman falling through ceiling

The ceiling escape attempt: Great for action stars, less so for normal people. That’s the lesson learned from this bananas CCTV footage taken from a Canadian convenience store where an attempt to evade local police ended with a hole in the ceiling.

This electric taxi service only accepts payment in song

An electric vehicle is the perfect space for a car singalong. Belting out a Journey classic from the passenger seat goes hand-in-hand with an electric vehicle, mostly because the cars are super quiet, thanks to those emission-free battery-powered motors. Everyone can hear and appreciate your lyrical skills.

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