This is How Much the President, DP will Earn as SRC Announces New Salary Structure for Civil Servants

July 11, 2017

The Salaries and Remuneration Commission has reviewed salaries of various State officers including the president and his deputy.

Under the new structure released by Sarah Serem yesterday, President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto will earn a monthly gross of Sh1.4million and Sh1.2million respectively down from Sh1.65 million and Sh1.4 million.

Cabinet Secretaries will earn fixed salaries of Sh924,000 down from Sh1.056 million while Permanent secretaries will earn Sh 765,000 down from Sh 874, 500.

According to SRC boss Sarah Serem, the new structure is aimed at slashing the public wage bill by 35 percent and save Kenya over Sh8 billion a year.

Some of the perks the Salary commission scrapped are mileage and special responsibility allowances that it said “were prone to abuse”.

Governors’ and deputy governors’ allowances have also been scrapped.

MPs will also not be paid a sitting allowance for plenary sessions while House managers, such as the majority and minority leaders and committee chairmen, have lost special responsibility allowances.

Governors will now be raking in Sh924,000 from Sh1.056 million and their deputies Sh621,250.

Speaker of both Houses will take home Sh 1.155 million each from the previous Sh1.32 million while their deputies will earn Sh924,000.

Leader of Majority and Minority will earn Sh765,188 from 1.020 million. Member of Parliament’s gross will be Sh621, 250, down from Sh710,000.

Below is a summary of the proposed cuts:

  • President: Sh1.4 million from Sh1.65 million
  • Deputy President: 1.2 million from 1. 4 million
  • Cabinet Secretary: Sh924,000 from Sh1.056 million
  • Principal Secretary: Sh765,000 from Sh874,000
  • Governors: Sh924,000 from Sh1.056 million
  • MPs: Sh621,000 from Sh710,000
  • Speakers: Sh1.155 million from Sh1.30 million
  • Deputy Speaker: Sh924,000 from Sh1.006 million
  • Majority and Minority Leaders: Sh765,000 from 1.020 million
  • MCAs: Sh144,000 from Sh165,000
  • County Executives: Sh259,875 from 350,000


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