Final POLL: Sonko vs Peter Kenneth… Whom Will You Vote for?

April 21, 2017

Jubilee goes to the poll today (Friday 21), and the battles are expected to be heated.

Unlike ODM which dished out direct nominations in many of its strongholds, Jubilee has decided to let their supporters go to the ballot.

A Jubilee win in most of Mt. Kenya and Rift Valley areas is interpreted as a win in August, and that explains why politicians have gone all out to carry the day.

Aspirants have displayed their financial might through branded helicopters, roadshow trucks, tens of branded vehicles and actual dishing out of bribes.

Initially, Jubilee had planned to carry out the nomination exercise in one day, but they later changed that after realizing it would have been a logistical nightmare. Most of the hotly contested strongholds like Kiambu, Murang’a, Uasin Gishu etc will still go to the ballot today, but the ‘main event’ – Nairobi, has been pushed to Monday.

The reason given for pushing Nairobi’s date was so that muslims can be given a chance to participate, but we believe this is just an excuse.

It is claimed that top leadership is still working om a backroom deal between Sonko and Peter Kenneth. It was alleged that Sonko has been offered a cabinet secretary position, but he insists on contesting for the governorship. The move to postpone Nairobi’s date is seen as a ‘time-buying’ move in order to arrive at a consensus.

But if negotiations fail, Sonko and Peter Kenneth will face off on Monday and it is up to Jubilee supporters to decide.

If it gets there, whom will you vote for?

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