Citizen TV’s Mike Njenga: These are the Key Lessons I’ve Learnt About Women Over the Years

February 13, 2017

Last week Wednesday, Citizen TV news anchor Mike Njenga’s wife turned a year older.

Mike Njenga who hosts Business Centre every Wednesday at 9 pm, took to social media to celebrate his wife, Phoebe Wanjiku Njenga in a beautiful message that read: “30-something years back, God sent a beautiful angel on this earth. Her mission to always put a smile on our faces, especially mine. Today is the angel’s birthday. Happy birthday Shiko Njenga! May you live to have many more! I love you.”

A lovely message from a man who attributes his ability to treat his wife well to being raised by a single mother.

Speaking to eDaily, Mike said he learnt key values and important factors to consider when interacting with women from his mother.

He revealed the lessons he has learnt over the years:

“Key lessons I have learnt about women over the years is that as a man, always remember that you are the strong one. And being the strong one, you should always be there to guard and protect your partner. Your strength should not be interpreted as an opportunity to dominate. Your strength as a man presents an opportunity for you to guard and protect that woman in your life.”

“Number Two: Remember when God saw that it is not good for a man to live alone, He made the man sleep – and out of the man, He removed a rib. So, what God took from us (men) is the feminine part of us and He made a woman. As men, we should always appreciate our women.

“Tell her she is looking good; tell her she is beautiful; tell her she makes you happy – appreciate her. A woman is an incubator – what you give her, she takes it incubates it and gives it to you double. You give her a sperm; she carries it for nine months and gives you a baby. You give her a house; she decorates it and gives you a home. You give her a grocery; she processes it and gives you dinner. Whatever you give a woman, she takes it, incubates it and gives it to you twice, thrice, seven times better.

 “Always, as a man, know what you are giving a woman. If you tell her she is ugly, she will take it; she will absorb it and one day she will go out with a man who tells her she is beautiful. And you would be left there thinking what went wrong. Always remember that you need to appreciate her, guard her, love her; and your strength should not be used to suppress her,” added Mike Njenga.
He also revealed how he plans to bring up his children, especially a daughter.
“The first thing that my daughter will ever get to know is that she is loved. You can take her to the best school; give her good toys, and give her everything but if I do not give or show her love, then I would be bringing up a woman who will live an isolated life, thus vulnerable to being exploited.

“She needs me to protect her, love her, and remind her she is beautiful. She’d come to me, tell me that she is not the brightest child in school, but I will her tell her: ‘Daddy loves you regardless’,” said Mike Njenga.

Additional Reporting by eDaily.

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