Open Letter To the Luo Following Kisumu Destruction

June 8, 2016

On Monday, the rest of the country held mostly peaceful Anti-IEBC demos, but the story was very different in Kisumu.
Raila Odinga enjoys his most support in the lakeside city, and that explains the raw passion exhibited by demonstrators. Two supermarkets had their windows shattered with stones, and there was a reported looting of gas cylinders. Many people were shot by the police and about 2 lost their lives.
Kisumu residents rarely shown intent to hold peaceful political demonstrations, and the victims end up being businessmen and investors. That paints a very bad image for a town hoping to attract investments, and one Gordon Opiyo has written this ‘open letter’ on Facebook.



Enyewe Sisi Wajaluo tunachezewa sana. Johnston Muthama ana threaten that the bloody riots will be increased to twice a week. Moses Wetangula is breathing fire that Kenya will burn if President Uhuru refuses to break the law to start some dialogue that has no constitutional basis.
However, as they spew hate Machakos based investors are sleeping easy. Machakos youth are assured of secure jobs tomorrow- not even a single stone was thrown in Machakos. Moses Wetangula is secretly talking to investors to relocate to Bungoma. Since 2008- Bungoma town has greatly harvested from the mega flight of Capital from Kisumu.
In fact, just taking a stroll through Kisumu town at night will give you an indication that the once vibrant town is on a decline. Even the prostitutes that once filled places like Octopus, Fanana and Nasalica area have taken off. Many of them have followed the money to towns like Kakamega, Kisii, Bungoma and Eldoret.
Before Muthama and Wetangula speak out- at least let them have Kambas and Luhyias destroy property and investment in Machakos and Bungoma. Let them have their youth lie in poorly funded hospitals with gunshot wounds.
Otherwise, hii ita kuwa kuchezewa game mbaya.

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