POLL: Do The Police Have Any Business Determining Events To Be Held at Uhuru Park?

May 30, 2016

uhuru parkThe police continue to insist that Uhuru Park has been booked for a crusade on Madaraka Day. Cord on the other hand claims they have been granted permission to hold their parallel Madaraka Day celebrations at the same venue.
This is a very simple case that can be solved by any judge in a matter of minutes.
Since when did the police start handing out stadiums?
The county governments are the custodians, and in this case Kidero has the final word.
Don’t get me wrong, I believe Evangelist Lucy Ngunjiri booked the venue before Cord. There’s no way a reasonable person can go ahead with all that planning, including inviting several top artists, without having secured the venue.
That said, politics is a dirty game. It doesn’t have regard for God or personal feelings. With an ODM county government, the crusade ain’t happening.
I still hold the rally is unnecessary and whose sole purpose is to disrupt the peace, but I think the police are overstepping on this one. Their role is to wait and hear from the county government who takes the venue, then provide needed security.
The best thing Jubilee can do now is to ensure the next Nairobi Governor is from their camp. What do you think?

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