Kabando Wa Kabando: “My Memorable Encounter With Mama Lucy Kibaki”

May 4, 2016

kabando1Fb/Kabando wa Kabando – On Kibaki’s first visit to Meru as President (2005) – I was invited to join tour by my longterm friend Hon. Dr. Kilemi Mwiria- I introduced myself to Mama, first humbly offering her out typically Nyeri greetings “wakîa Maitû?”, she aptly replied “wakîa Awa”. I told her am nephew to Mary Kanaiya. She got instantly interested, held my hand and we conversed though very briefly. The said auntie (Mum’s elder sister) is married to Mama Lucy’s first cousin Mûigua Kanaiya. That encounter remains nostalgic. True to stories my auntie told me 89/90, Mama remained tuned to details of good old days. Fare Thee Well Great Daughter of
April 2006 @ Mûhîto PCEA church where her Dad pastor Kagai served, as I joined the line to “escort” one of the Guests – Mr. Wanjohi Wachiûri of Sarova PanAfric – as I gave my donation, Mama held my hand and asked the congregation “Do you know him? Do you know Kabando wa Kabando? He is not from far. He is from just here. He had his party called Safina but now Mzee has given him a big Job in Nairobi Water”.
Definitely, that introduction was very very significant. She made my day. She gave Sh600,000 from her family. The Tuesday announcement of Mama Lucy’s passing on got me at the very Church, from where media got me to air Mûkûrweinî people’s condolences, then quietly searched for her kin who were inside church too to also speak. Fare Thee Well Daughter of Pioneering African Presbyterian Pastor.
October 2006 @ Nairobi Trade Fair (ASK show), as Chairman Nairobi Water I took President Kibaki & Mama Lucy on a tour of our Award-winning stand. As I explained NWSC’s successes in city billing and utility supply, Her Excellency pointedly asked me: “Even Bahati area you have done this?”. I said “yes” amidst her golden smile. Evidently, she was keen to know if her ‘original’ residence where some of her ‘Mukurweini’ family now stayed enjoyed the triumphs. As I received the Award moments later, I knew Mama was happiest. Fare Thee Well Mother of a Big Family.
September 2007, Her Excellency Mama Lucy accompanied H.E President Kibaki to a full day visit to launch Mûkûrweinî-Mûrang’a road. I always recall she spoke last, imploring leaders not to forsake orphans, destitute,the poor. “….Kenyans, are you listening?..If anyone has gone to stay with the rich and forgotten the poor, it is time to change”.
After the rally, all tongues were wagging about her compassionate heart and what a great mother to all she was. Pointedly, Mama Lucy always cut off the block of officialdom to address basic humanitarian issues. Every and any time I would meet Mzee Kibaki, I unfailingly requested him to say hello to Maitû, the last being 23rd May 2015 @ Sr. Nyaatha beautification. Fare Thee Well Woman of a Philanthropic Heart.
A month ago, on Ralph Bunche road my driver spotted humble daughter daughter Judy Kibaki walking freely. Given the showy and pushy ways of our “prominent” personalities driving on the wrong lanes, he was shocked that Kibaki’s very daughter was walking free. I slid down my car window to say hello, enquire “how is mum?” and to pass my best wishes. Softly as always, Judy respectfully updated. My driver to-date can’t believe that is Kibaki’s daughter. Of course having served many “VIPs” he knows our “untouchable ways”.
Those who have interacted with Mama Lucy Kibaki’s children will easily agree that they are all very humble, unassuming. Last born Tony Githinji very succinctly exemplifies this family humility. Fare Thee Well our Motherly Mentor.

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