Inside Kenya: Kenyan Corruption Docu-series Aired by US Broadcaster PBS

April 14, 2016

pbsAmerica’s biggest public TV broadcaster and program distributor, PBS, has been running a docuseries dubbed ‘Inside Kenya’ for the past one week.
3 episodes have aired, with the first two centered on Al Shabaab activities.
The 3rd however focused solely on our corruption issues.
Corruption has been the greatest problem in this country since independence. Unlike the previous regime, the Jubilee government does not invoke confidence in dealing with it. Very few people believe they are serious about fighting graft.
The many public pronouncements have been followed by little action. Some courtroom PR has been applied, but until the time a Cabinet Secretary or MP or big company MD is given a jail term, Kenyans will continue to have no confidence.
It’s so bad that now the private sector is stealing openly.
In this PBS special, one of Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon winners narrates how he has never received his winnings. The Eurobond also makes an appearance.
Watch below and weep for our country.

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