ngatia&nashA few days ago, Tanzania president John Magufuli called Kenyans thieves during the official opening of the Kigamboni Bridge. Last month, President Uhuru Kenyatta got in trouble with Kenyans after he brazenly referred to Kenyans as “expert thieves” in Israel.
Well, we cannot blame them for being honest. Apparently, we are now even exporting our thievery skills after two Kenyan men were arrested in U.S for allegedly robbing a resident at gunpoint.
Mr Nash Muraya, 21 and Alex Ngatia, 20, were nabbed early this week in Portland City, Oregon. They were arrested after a tip off from eyewitnesses who saw them driving away from the scene of the alleged robbery incident.
After being pursued by the police, the thugs, who were in the company of a woman, abandoned their vehicle to escape on foot but the cops caught up with them. The woman found in the abandoned car was set free.
A gun used in the robbery was reportedly found near the alleged scene.
Nash Muraya and Alex Ngatia are expected to face robbery with violence charges.