MEN! How to Leave When Her Valentine’s Demands Become too Expensive For You – FUNNY CLIP

February 12, 2016

The fact that Valentine’s Day comes in February, just a few weeks after the hard-to-beat NJAAnuary, makes most men in relationships fear the weighty burden of spending on their girlfriends. As you know, ladies love to be treated, no not in hospital but being taken out for drinks then being pampered with niceties like gifts and so forth. And for all this to run smooth, lots of money needs to be spent.
To avoid being broken beyond broke, financially challenged dudes always frame all sorts of excuses that make them avoid expenses on the lovers day. For instance, this guy literally ran and left his girlfriend after she brought in the idea of them flying out to Seychelles for the big day.
So, men, if you have no tactic of avoiding expenses this Valentine’s, just run like this guy but don’t blame me when you get binned. Check this out.

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