#MyKenyain8DI always knew Kenya was beautiful and for a moment I thought I had seen most of what there is to see in this beautiful country. However, after watching this amazing journey of Kenya’s most amazing sites, I was pleasantly surprised..as it turns out I haven’t even seen half of it.

A video dubbed #MyKenyaIn8D: Amazing journey through Kenya’s paradise has offered a fresh tour of Kenya in 8D. Comedian Jaymo Ule Msee and his colleague are behind this brilliant video that showcases the beauty of our country.

They have even added a comedic spin to it by ‘watching’ these aesthetic tourist destinations from the KICC rooftop.

If this does not make you proud of Kenya, I don’t know what will. Way to sell Kenya, especially to the people who always focus on the negatives!

Najib Balala may have just found a Brand ambassador for Kenya.