Wacha Ushamba: These MPs and Governors are Taking Too Much Credit for Village Headmen Work

January 19, 2016

When Kenyans voted for the new constitution, little did they know that the governors would assume the role of small presidents. Huge convoy are quite common, and I still remember that time when Baringo Governor unveiled his ‘aide de camp’.
It soon dawned on them that if they were to get re-elected, they had to up their PR game. Alfred Mutua was leading the way with grand schemes. Other governors without as much ambition had to do something to show they were busy working.
Soon we started seeing governors launch small footbridges and electricity poles.

It appears even MPs have caught up.
Kitui South MP launched some street lights and could not wait to tell people.
Come on. Let the street light be.
The sign board is an absolute eyesore. Before reading the text, my first thought was ‘it must be a Daktari kutoka Tanzania advertising for his services’.

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