William Ruto Follows Weston Hotel on Twitter

January 21, 2015

rutoDeputy President William Ruto follows only 99 people on Twitter. This is quite something considering he has nearly half a million followers.
One of the accounts he follows is @weston_hotel, the hotel formerly accused of being behind the Langata Primary School land grab.  The owner of the hotel has been contentious, but yesterday everything pointed to a Ruto ownership.
Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi had categorically denied that the DP owns the premises.
Does Ruto’s following Weston Hotel on Twitter mean anything? Perhaps not, but it is curious considering the nature of the other accounts he follows. They include Politicians, Embassies, cabinet secretaries, Presidents of different countries, local and international media outlets and personalities.
Weston is the only hotel he follows, and easily the odd account.
Still confirming his ownership, a video has surfaced online of the DP taking Citizen TV’s Evelyn Wambui on a tour of what is said to be the then under construction Weston Hotel. It was for their Newsmakers feature.

Plus the admission of waiters to media personality Tim Njiru that Ruto indeed owns the hotel.
… and this one.
And then this famous businessman who seems to know things.

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