Zetech Builds Magnificent Campus in Ruiru

February 7, 2014

zetechZetech College has put up a new campus along Thika Road, just a few metres from Ruiru Town. This is in readiness for its letter of interim authority set to be granted later this year. The college already runs 5 campuses in Nairobi CBD and one in Westlands.
The new campus is grand to say the least. It consists of 4 floors with over 40,000 square foot.
From around April, it will host the college’s administrative offices, soon to move from Westlands.
The complex also has enough lecture halls for it’s fast growing student number.
Unlike most universities in Kenya, Zetech Ruiru Campus have spared no penny to be as elegant as possible. Landscaping begins right from Thika Road till the University compound 500 metres away. Upon completion, it will surely be a sight to marvel.
The complex has probably the most beautiful and modern lecture halls you’ve seen in any local institution. From the brightly painted walls, to the lighting, to the chairs. On a tour of the campus, the seats actually caught my eyes. Most institutions opt for the metallic, often Jua kali seats, thought to be more long lasting.
At Zetech however, they have stylish and modern seats made of hard plastic. It becomes pretty obvious that the college is not just after increasing its student population, but also providing the most conducive environment.
Also at the complex is a 3 floor, 750 seater library, student clinic and a restaurant. Spacious balconies dot the upper floors, giving students a relaxing atmosphere.
The blue dome visible from Thika Road, I was surprised to find out, is actually an amphitheater. You can’t really ask for more.
The complex sits on a 6.5 acre piece of land on Thika Road and has about 120 parking slots and numerous beautifully landscaped green areas.
Several hundred students have already enrolled at the new campus, with much more expected as the year progresses.
According to the administration, there is more than enough bed space for those who may wish to study away from home. This is provided by nearby private hostels which have struck a deal with Zetech.

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