Robert Alai: Prophet Owuor is a False & Evil Prophet… He Causes Road Accident Whenever He’s in Town

November 1, 2013

On Wednesday, Jeff Koinange hosted Prophet Owuor on the bench. He took him to task on several issues that have been disturbing Kenyans for long.
Apparently, the prophet had foreseen the Westgate attack, Kenya post election violence, Uhuru’s presidency etc.
He says that he informed the police commissioner about Westgate, describing it in detail. No mention of the word Westgate though.

On Uhuru’s presidency, Prophet Owuour said that he had particularly chosen not to announce who would win, despite it having been shown to him. He however says he told the council of bishops.

Though most commentators think he was evasive in his answers, the man of God was taken to task on his large security detail and source of money.

Despite all he does, the Prophet has not been able to win over one person – Robert Alai. The controversial blogger is probably his biggest critic, and is never afraid to call him a false prophet.
He does not stop there. More than once, Alai has insinuated that there is a correlation between some tragic road accidents and his presence.

SMS — >> “Alai, you always say that when Prophet Owuor has a meeting, some accident has to happen…Today he has some conference in KU”
— Robert A. (@RobertAlai) October 24, 2013

That was during his latest meeting at Kenyatta University.

He calls him a blatant liar who he can never trust with his faith.

Here were some of Alai’s tweets and retweets on Wednesday night.

The Lord should shave your beard also. And why is it that whenever you are in town, we must have an accident? #JKL
— Robert A. (@RobertAlai) October 30, 2013

Owuor claim that he stopped PEV from recurring. This guy is giving himself too much credit. Adanganye mafala. Nyoa ndevu kwanza. #JKL
— Robert A. (@RobertAlai) October 30, 2013

This guy is more evil than any pastor around. I can’t trust him with my faith. #JKL – @RobertAlai

@jumasteve1 the man is as fake as he sound. Take that from me.

@RobertAlai he says th lord will protect kenyans yet he has armed bodyguards complete with chase cars.

One thing ive always known about Owuor is that his prophecies always occur after the event he so called prophesised heeheehee @RobertAlai

@RobertAlai the guy is a very big liar, a prophet of doom #JKL he’s against other pastors getting AK47s when he has 100s of bodyguards!

Watch his interview below.

If you find the video too long, you may want to know that at around the 47th minute, the man of God confirms that he has been shown the day of Jesus’ second coming.

You can also listen about his beard from the 59th minute.©
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