The 5 Most Useful Facebook Pages in Kenya

June 28, 2013
Facebook has really evolved over the years. New features are being introduced regularly; From smileys, to Follow button, to hash tags.

As Facebook comes up with new features and does away with others, one has stood the test of time; Facebook Pages.
In Kenya, Facebook pages have proved to be quite popular, with some performing particularly well in the ‘Likes’ sector. Today, it is almost impossible to find any worthy business without their own page. Some businesses are actually built on Facebook, with no physical address whatsoever.
Currently KTN Kenya has the most liked page, with just over 650,000 likes as of this writing. 
NTV Kenya follows with 619,000.
President Uhuru Kenyatta, who happens to have the only verified page in Kenya, comes in third with 544,000 likes. 

Media houses and Celebrities aside, some pages not backed by heavy advertising have actually proved to be quite popular. Ministry of Laughter and Creativity has over 220,000 likes, Mathare University of Insane Creativity has almost 90,000 likes as does How a Luo Would Have Said it.

However, there is a small number of Facebook pages, little known but very useful. Below are five of them.

5. Kraziest Kenyans

Let’s admit, we all appreciate a light moment, especially when unwinding. Facebook provides such an avenue and pages like Kraziest Kenyans are there for this reason. 
Though it may not be the most popular, it is one of the few that are not regularly filled with advertising junk. 
Definitely deserves to be on this list.

4. Soko Kuu

With 47,000 members and counting, Soko Kuu is one Facebook group you should have joined months ago. 
Here, you’ll find anything and everything. From curtains to second hand laptops to office space. It’s just one big market. Here are examples of posts you’ll find on the page.

Ksh 1,500
Contact : 0722 530 ***

Aggregated Mpesa lines at an affordable price for any location. Call or text 0720870952

Hi, am looking for sofa cleaning services, pricing to be fair and a credible service. Please inbox me.

offer!!! for only 12k get yourself a website designed registered and hosted for one year

A lot of business takes place here, and we believe some lives have completely been transformed. Definitely one of the most useful page.

If you have anything to sell, look no further.

3. Gazeti Daily

Everyday without fail, the administrator of this page provides the two major newspapers (Nation and Standard), free of charge in PDF format. 
The paper is hosted on a file upload site such as Mediafire, and the link is provided for your free download. 
On Fridays, you should also look forward for a PDF copy of the Nairobian and once in a while the County Weekly.
I’m not exactly sure of the legalities of this arrangement, but am convinced Gazeti Daily is one of the most useful Facebook pages in Kenya.

2. Soko Nyeusi

There’s little difference between Soko Nyeusi and Soko Kuu. However, a close observer of the two will tell you that the former is fast moving. This is despite it having only 24,000 members – half the number found in Soko Kuu. 
Almost 200 posts are made in a single hour everyday. This means if you make your post now, by the time you’re done reading this post and tweeting it to you’re followers, it will not even be among the 10 latest. 
This kind of activity is mainly because of what changes hands here.

Things you do not get in shops for prices you can only dream of. Some stuff are not exactly appropriate or legal or both, but hey, this is Soko Nyeusi (Black Market).

From dildos to cheaper Safaricom internet bundles to Taser guns (that small thing that releases a million volts and is used in movies to electrocute people).
Did I mention unlimited Orange internet?

Below are some example posts.

Selling my victoria secret bras! Too small for my boobs! 46 anyone?

selling samsung glaxay s3 mpya at 35k.. nipe inbox

10,000 bonga poins for sale @ 3,500

Wapi zile settingz za Free unlimited internet?!!! inbox pap!

Contact me on 0725 154 700 if you want your playstation 2 to use a Flashdisk to play games instead of a C.d @ 1000bob.

Do you want to make absolutely free calls and sms using your safaricom line to all networks, Browse free and also to be withdrawing & sending your money from M-pesa for free.
Inbox tuchape bei; its not that cheap coz its you who will smile milele;

best selling novels ebooks pdfs needed asap..

intel yolo…ama galaxy ace ama xperia ray if yu have any sema bei

Safaricom rates
40mb ……..50/=
2gb ………………………………1200/=

call/txt 0705 911 ***

The list is basically endless. It extends to aquariums, vehicles, ‘get your driving license fast’ etc.
The good thing about this Soko Nyeusi, is the fact that it operates 24/7. You may wake up at 2am and find someone has just posted selling an 80 by 100 plot in Juja. 

1. Business Ideas 101

Just like Soko Nyeusi and Soko Kuu, this is an open group. You send a request and the creator can either accept you or not. 

Unlike the two sokos however, there is no buying and selling in here; only exchange of ideas. Someone may either ask for advise on what’s the best way of investing a certain amount of money, or whether a certain business idea is viable under certain circumstances. 
Spending one hour reading posts and comments in this group may turn out to be a lot helpful than all your finance classes combined.

With only 7000 members, this Facebook group is extremely vibrant. From advice on forex trading, poultry farming, real estate and even the best sacoo to join. 
Here are just a few of the posts.

* Hey people! Someone had suggested Mkokoteni business idea.. Where you make mikokoteni and hire them out.. Anyone here know anything about the business?

* Hi guys.need ua advice am thinking of starting a wines & spirits outlet.any challenges xpected ama how do i go about it…plzzz

* Hey guys.
kindly advice me.
i want to venture into motorbikes n tuktuk spares.who knows of a wholesaler in or out of th country?.
Whats ur take on the business?.
am all ears.

* Hey Wanabiashara, i am looking for 5 to 10 people interested in investing in properties. My idea is to buy land either 2 or 3 acres in a prime area, we subdivide and sell as plots and our target will be to raise at least 50% of the required capital. The areas i have in mind is kangundo road, kitengela, isinya or Thika road. If interested let me know and then we can do it as a group. i have some few people interested already and state how much each should contribute.

* I have seen so many cheap n nice dresses being sold in town @ 2500 or less does anyone have an idea kwenye zinatoka and at how much??

* Hey guys.Whats your view on the computer repair business venture??.

* Hi guys. help a sister out. I wanna turn my passion for making samosas into a business. am a full time employee and am not thinking of quitting my job any time soon, i just want the samosa business to be a side hustle. how can i go about it while working at the same time? Thanks in advance.

* Naona watu wakinunua hizi chupa za spirits, I am interested to know if anyone anajua zile bei zinauzwa (yaani kwa depots or where these guys are taking them)

* Anyone in MPESA business? What are the DOs and Don’ts for a starter?

* boss the tree farming venture is for patient guys.
one acre of land in larger busia county is between 120-200k while leasing 1 for 7-10 years ranges    btwn 30-50k
1 acre can take up to 1000-1100 trees with good spacing
1 seedlings range with the type of trees one is planting but for our region many are planting   Southafrican Eucalyptus, Gravelia coz fast maturity after five years one can be able to cut and sell.   the seedling cost between 5/= to 10/= depending on the number of seedling one buys.
the coast of field preparation will depend on the land but will approximate to 10k 20k-per acre inclusive of making holes and planting.
but if you invest in 1acre with 1000 trees after 5 years you are worth 5M

* Any bizz idea for a dude in campus? my passion is computing

* I need help on the procedure for putting a product on the shelf in the supermarkets.What do i need?I also would like to know about price ceilings.

* Who knows bout this safcom sacco …..?

Mind you, all this posts are followed by very helpful comments.

The ideas, comments, suggestions and recommendations are many, and some of them priceless. 
If you’re the kind that seeks self employment, get in touch with Wangari Muturi, and she might just let you join the group.

Plus of course you should like Nairobi Wire’s Facebook page for the most interesting news and feature articles.

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