Is Kethi Kilonzo Incredible or Incredibly Overrated? Kenyans React

March 27, 2013

She has continued to mesmerize Kenyans with her grasp of everything legal. The fact that she’s a daughter to Mutula Kilonzo has further fueled this. 

Almost everyone is in agreement that Kethi Kilonzo has been the most outstanding lawyer in the ongoing election petition hearing at the Supreme Court of Kenya. However, there are some dissenting voices trying to get our attention.

Here are some observations by some notable Kenyans.

Maina Kageni – That look on Mutula Kilonzo’s face …priceless! …no school fees has been wasted.

Linda Oguttu – Extremely Proud of #Kethi Kilonzo …..confident, professional…..

Noah Otieno – Having Oraro after #KethiKilonzo is like having katitu boys band after Whitney Houston” 

Emmanuel Talam – Change of mind; my daughter will be a lawyer when she grows up like Kethi Kilonzo.”

Mohammed Ali – Naona nimepata wakili mtulivu na mkarimu. Kethi kilonzo sisemi kitu. Strength of a woman.

Jalang’o – So Tharaka Nithi was Jubilee strong hold…CORD just unleashed their strong hold,her name is Kethi Kilonzo!!

Robert Alai – You can bring up hopeless cleavage popping nothings or you can bring up a Kethi Kilonzo. It is all about parenting.”

Sam Shollei – This guy, this guy Mutula Kilonzo to encourage his daughter support her,watch her shine is greatness for any father-to you Mutula to Kethi

Kethi Kilonzo making millions of Kenyans proud, especially women.” I am so proud of what she’s undertaking. Super stuff.

Amicus kilonzae~~>>a friend of kethi kilonzo.Amicus waiganjoe~~>>a fake friend

Watching kethi kilonzo makes one understand and apprecite why Mutula kilonzo keeps lions.

Wewe brag tu ati umesoma hadi Form 4 na Kethi Kilonzo amesoma hadi Form 36.

I will say this 16 billion times. . . it is kethi kilonzo. . .not keith yawa! 

 Kethi Kilonzo is a living proof that not every woman uses thighs and breasts as her stronghold..

why is everyone praising kethi kilonzo? i dont see the wow factor. to me naona akikaa mboch mkamba…

This Kethi kilonzo lady got an award winning forehead!

But KETHI KILONZO is OVERRATED IEBC lawyers will have a field day with her half baked conspiracy theories – Totally Jorge

This one from Ndindi Nyoro was particularly hard hitting.

Me thinks this KETHI KILONZO chic is being overated on Social Media.. Actually, she doesn’t seem to have grip of Law.. Again, those citing her age??

Do you even know how old she is?? Or you guys think she’s 22??

Lastly, if your Father was Moi’s Lawyer during the worst times in this country and when corruption was the norm, don’t you think she has actually done very poorly for herself by being a mere lawyer inside her Fathe’rs Firm!!?? Call a spade a Spade..

The circumstances she was brought up in makes her what others see as an achievement a mere Kawaida thing… To me, she doesn’t pass the test!!

Ako down in Kenyan words!!

She could have done better!!

By Ndindi Nyoro


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