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With over 200,000 page views daily, Nairobi Wire keeps growing.

With such an impressive number of a Kenyan audience, we know we offer the best platform for advertisers.



We currently have 2 options available for advertisers:

* Sponsored content

* Banner Ads


1. Sponsored Content

Small businesses, clubs, events organizers etc. can have their articles published on Nairobi at a very affordable fee. Whether we write it down for you or you send us the ready article, you can be assured of several thousand readers, in the process driving human traffic to you business, club or event.


– Starting at Sh 2000 per article.

How To Pay

lipaLipa Na Mpesa

Till Number – 492195

Co-operative Bank

Nairobi Wire Media

Acc. No. 01109530456100

Kimathi Branch



2. Banner Ads


We have 5 banner ads slots of the standard sizes.

– Top Leaderboard (728 x 90) or (970 x 90 px)

– Sidebar (300 x 600 px)

–  After content (300 x 250) or (336 x 280 px)

– Bottom Leaderboard (728 x 90) or (970 x 90 px)

– Clickable full website background

Prices start at Sh40,000 per month ($500)


How To Pay

Co-operative Bank:

Nairobi Wire Media

Acc no. – 01109530456100

Kimathi Branch


For more ad solutions e.g. roadblock ads, collapsible ads, etc. and the full rate card, contact us.

[email protected]

For a PDF copy of our full RATE CARD, fill in this form and we’ll get back to you.