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Science & Tech
Ken on 10th Oct

Samsung Launches World’s First Curved Display Smartphone… Galaxy Round

Remember that leaked image of a curved display smartphone from...

Ken on 18th Sep

Woman Sues Safaricom Over Defective Samsung Galaxy S4

A businesswoman last week sued Safaricom for allegedly selling her...

Ken on 21st May

Genius Teenager Invents Device That Charges Phone Completely in Just 30 Seconds

Now here’s the invention that we’ve all been waiting for:...

Ken on 30th Dec

‘Shut The F*** Up’ iphone 4S’ Siri Tells Boy.

iphone 4s main selling point has been the wonder that is Siri and...

Ken on 06th Dec

No More Iphones In Syria.

The government of Syria has banned the use of iphones in the country...