Crowdfunding, the practice of raising funds from a large number of people via the internet, has become a popular alternative to traditional financing models.

In this article, we explore Bitcoin Cash crowdfunding platforms and also steps to start a campaign. Beside use cases in crowdfunding, investing in Bitcoin Cash can be a wise decision.

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Bitcoin Cash Crowdfunding Platforms

Flipstarter is a BCH-based crowdfunding platform that was created in 2020 by a group of Bitcoin Cash developers. Flipstarter uses smart contracts to enable trustless and transparent fundraising campaigns that can be launched by anyone with a BCH wallet.

Flipstarter allows fundraisers to set goals, create rewards, and track donations in real-time. Flipstarter has been used to fund a wide range of projects, including software development, marketing campaigns, and community initiatives. is a BCH-based website that offers a variety of services, including a crowdfunding platform called the Exchange. The Exchange allows users to create their own crowdfunding campaigns and accept BCH donations from supporters around the world. 

Eatbch is a BCH-based nonprofit organization that uses crowdfunding to provide food assistance to people in crisis. Eatbch has operations in several countries, including Venezuela, South Sudan, and the Philippines.

Eatbch accepts BCH donations from supporters and uses the funds to buy food and other essentials for people in need. Eatbch has become a symbol of how Bitcoin Cash can be used for social impact and humanitarian purposes.

These platforms offer different features and functionalities, but they all share some common benefits of using Bitcoin Cash for crowdfunding. First, Bitcoin Cash transactions are fast, cheap, and reliable, which means that fundraisers can receive donations quickly and without paying high fees.

Second, Bitcoin Cash transactions are censorship-resistant, which means that no one can stop or block a fundraising campaign, regardless of its content or purpose.

Third, Bitcoin Cash transactions are transparent and immutable, which means that donors can verify how their contributions are being used and hold fundraisers accountable.

How to Create a Bitcoin Cash Crowdfunding Campaign

Define Your Goals and Rewards

The first step in creating a Bitcoin Cash crowdfunding campaign is to define your goals and rewards.

What do you want to achieve with your campaign, and what incentives can you offer to your supporters? Your goals and rewards should be specific, measurable, and realistic.

For example, you might want to raise 10 BCH to develop a new software product, and you might offer rewards such as early access, swag, or customized features to your supporters.

Choose a Crowdfunding Platform

The next step is to choose a Bitcoin Cash crowdfunding platform that suits your needs and preferences.

Consider factors such as fees, features, reputation, and user interface when selecting a platform. Some popular Bitcoin Cash crowdfunding platforms include Flipstarter, Exchange, and Eatbch.

Create Your Campaign

Once you have chosen a crowdfunding platform, you can create your campaign by following the platform’s instructions and guidelines. Generally, you will need to provide information such as your project description, goals, rewards, and duration.

You should also include images, videos, or other visual aids to make your campaign more appealing and engaging.

Promote Your Campaign

After you have created your campaign, the next step is to promote it to your target audience.

You can use various marketing channels such as social media, email, press releases, or influencers to reach out to potential supporters. You should also provide regular updates on your campaign’s progress and engage with your supporters to build trust and loyalty.

Manage Your Funds and Fulfill Your Rewards

Once your campaign is funded, you need to manage your funds and fulfill your rewards. You should have a clear plan for how you will use your funds and how you will deliver your rewards to your supporters.

You should also keep accurate records of your transactions and expenses and communicate regularly with your supporters to keep them informed of your progress.

Creating a Bitcoin Cash crowdfunding campaign requires some planning, creativity, and effort, but it can be a rewarding and empowering experience.

By leveraging the power of Bitcoin Cash, you can tap into a global network of supporters and fund your projects without relying on banks, venture capitalists, or government agencies. 


Bitcoin Cash provides an exciting opportunity for crowdfunding that is fast, cheap, and censorship-resistant.

With the emergence of innovative Bitcoin Cash-based crowdfunding platforms like Flipstarter, Exchange, and Eatbch, entrepreneurs, artists, activists, and individuals can fund their projects and causes without relying on traditional financing models.

While there are risks and challenges involved in using Bitcoin Cash for crowdfunding, the potential benefits are significant and growing.