Here are some of today’s top headlines.

London Mayor says Trump appears to care only about white America


Democrats’ new impeachment message: Expel Trump now

Democrats are injecting an urgent new argument into their already fast-moving impeachment drive: President Donald Trump poses such a flagrant threat to the republic that there is no time to waste.

Princess Anne shrugs as Queen gestures for her to greet Donald Trump in viral video

Britain’s Princess Anne was caught on camera shrugging at Queen Elizabeth.

Trudeau admits to talking about Trump after President calls him ‘two-faced’

After President Donald Trump called him “two-faced,” Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, admitted Wednesday that he and other world leaders were talking about the US President when they were caught on camera at a Buckingham Palace event the night before.

Pablo Escobar’s brother released a foldable smartphone that he claims can only be destroyed by fire

For years, Pablo Escobar’s brother worked as an accountant in the brutal Medellín Cartel as it reinvented the global cocaine trade.

A Facebook rumor about white vans is spreading fear across America

Terrifying rumors initially propelled by Facebook’s algorithms have sparked fears that men driving white vans are kidnapping women all across the United States for sex trafficking and to sell their body parts.

Huawei sues US government over new FCC restrictions

Embattled Chinese tech company Huawei has filed a lawsuit over new restrictions from the US Federal Communications Commission that further limits what little business it has left in the United States.

Air New Zealand testing edible coffee cups

What’s better than a nice, warm cup of coffee? If you ask (CNN) – Air New Zealand, the answer is following the java up with the sweet taste of … cup. Yes, that’s right — New Zealand’s national carrier is experimenting with a new edible coffee cup that will further reduce waste produced on board.

France braced for biggest national strike in years

France is preparing for severe disruption as millions of workers go on strike in protest at being forced to retire later or face reduced pensions. School and transport workers will join police, lawyers and hospital and airport staff in a general walkout.

Teenager dies trying to rescue man in Kenyan flood

Rescuers in Kenya have retrieved the body of a teenager who drowned as she tried to save a man who had got into trouble as he was crossing a swollen river. Anna Nduku, 19, fell into the Kandisi river near Ongata Rongai, on the outskirts of the capital, Nairobi, on Tuesday.

Cave diver says Elon Musk tweets ‘humiliated’ him

A British cave expert has testified that he was left feeling “humiliated, ashamed” and “dirtied” after Elon Musk labelled him “pedo guy” online. Vernon Unsworth is suing the Tesla founder for defamation. The diver, who helped rescue 12 boys trapped in a Thai cave last year, told a Los Angeles court that comments Mr Musk made were “very hurtful”.

Trump calls Trudeau ‘two-faced’ at Nato summit

US President Donald Trump has called Justin Trudeau “two-faced” over a video in which the Canadian leader appears to mock him at a meeting of Nato leaders. Footage showed Mr Trudeau, UK PM Boris Johnson and French leader Emmanuel Macron discussing an impromptu press conference held by Mr Trump.

‘My battle to get clean air to breathe’

John Kieti always made sure that the windows of his apartment were shut tight and all the curtains closed. It was his way of keeping out the stench and polluted air in Syokimau, a neighbourhood close to Kenya’s capital, Nairobi. The pollution was affecting the health of his two children.

Elon Musk defends his right to be a Twitter troll at ‘pedo guy’ trial

Elon Musk apologized to the jury before reading some of his tweets aloud while testifying in court Wednesday. “I was calling myself Treelon at that time,” he said, explaining an unusual Twitter avatar and name displayed on the screen. The room tittered, but the brief aside was more relevant to the case than it might seem.

Tom Holland recalls the drunken call that helped keep Spider-Man in the MCU

On Wednesday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, friendly neighbourhood Tom Holland spoke about how he helped keep Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a drunken phone call. Believing Spider-Man was being removed from the MCU, Holland had initially only asked for Disney CEO Bob Iger contact details so he could thank him for the experience.

Elon Musk reportedly wanted to buy ‘’ because of course

Just balls, and only the balls. Eccentric billionaire and owner of Elon Musk has plenty of appropriately oddball passions. His love of flamethrowers and snails is well known, for example. However, it was only today that his interest in ball-related web domains was revealed to the world.

Andrew Yang sprayed whipped cream into the mouths of kneeling supporters

Andrew Yang does whatever he wants. Some days the Democratic presidential candidate sends a painfully vague tweet, other days he skateboards into rooms, and on Tuesday, after opening a new office in Manchester, New Hampshire, Yang decided to awkwardly spray whipped cream straight from a canister into supporters’ mouths as they kneeled on the ground.

Top 10 most popular GIFs of 2019, according to Giphy

GIFs are an internet language of their own. Even if we don’t all pronounce it the same way, we instantly know a person’s intention by the GIF they use. Thankfully, Giphy, the largest GIF search engine, is here to tell us how people felt in 2019 by the GIFs they used.