The Murayas continued to excite their fans on Wednesday after Size 8 had kickstarted the frenzy over her newborn miracle baby with an official unveiling on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, Size 8 and DJ Mo revealed the name of the second-born child to be ‘Muraya Junior’, after his father Sammy Muraya.

The gospel couple also opened an Instagram account for Muraya Junior that amassed over 7900 followers in about 3 hours.

Muraya Junior ‘made a quiet debut’ on the platform with a captionless image that had his face concealed.

At the same time, his proud mom shared a cute photo of Muraya Jnr sharing a sibling moment with his adorable big small sister, Ladasha Wambo.

“My two MIRACLE BABIES,” Size 8 exclaimed, adding, “Now My little prince 🦁🦁 @muraya.jnr 🦁 and my princess @ladashabelle.wambo .

Ladasha was also not going to be left behind in the frenzy: she introduced Muraya Jnr to her over 330K followers, “My little brother @muraya.jnr.”

Meanwhile, the man of the house, DJ Mo, penned a mighty prophecy for his son.

“MY SON••••You will be the greatest, highly favored, respected -and you will more than a conqueror. GOD you are great. Am grateful to you.#TheMurayas expands,” he wrote.

You can expect to see images of DJ Mo and his junior today.