Could a collabo between Tanzania’s Rayvanny and Kenya’s Kush Tracey be in the offing?

This could well be a possibility after the Bongo star went public about his admiration for the songbird and television host.

Taking to social media, Rayvanny went live as he sampled some of Kush Tracey’s music videos on YouTube.

The songs are from when Kush Tracey was still doing secular music before she found salvation. They include ‘Ndulu'(which Kush Tracey collaborated with her then-boyfriend Timmy Tdat), ‘Mawe’, ‘Aye’, and the more recent ‘Bash’ which had fans questioning Kush Tracey’s alleged salvation.

Rayvanny posted that Tracey is a real talent and sought fans’ help in identifying the Switch TV presenter.

“Anayemjua huyu msanii amwambie namtafuta sana…Real talent. Tag if you know her,” wrote the ‘Tetema’ hitmaker.

In response, Kush Tracey took to Instagram with a message to Rayvanny.

“@rayvanny kwanza am very humbled by this jamani🙌nashukuru the recognition super star. Mimi huyu nimeitika,” she wrote.

It remains to be seen if the two will hit the studio together but we will be keeping an eye on any developments.