Award-winning Kenyan actress Nyce Wanjeri has spoken out after she was mistaken for a girl in a sex video that was shared widely on social media platforms.

Confirming that she is not the woman in the tape, the former Auntie Boss actor said she is not that kind of girl.

“That wasn’t me. I always say this. Those who know me know that Nyce is not like that,” she said.

“I keep on telling people this, everyone has sex. On that particular one, it wasn’t me. Trust me, I keep my life private.”

Wanjeri, famously known as Shiru for her break out role in Auntie Boss, added that she got in touch with the girl in the leaked video.

She urged social media users to stop shaming fellow humans on the internet as it destroys lives.

“I actually talked to that lady and it’s something she was going through and it was hard. When something like that goes viral, it destroys people. It feels bad that someone would name you and you were not the one.

“Even if you were the one, it should not be a problem. Why are you attacking people right now? I’ll say this, women, let’s hold hands and not shame each other.”

Nyce spoke on Saturday during the Kalasha Awards, where she took home the Best Lead Actress in a TV Drama Series award.